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  1. so does anyone else like to get really baked and just drive really fast and throw molotov cocktails at people out the window of your car . . . or is that just me?
  2. well dr dre i like 2 get zooted and just start killin mad copz and then gettin a nice fake video game hooker 2 suck my ballz when i'm done
  3. My friend used to load up GTA4 and drive around running people over for aaaaaaaages without saying a word after a spliff - it was fuicking weird!
  4. i love pushing people down the stairs. going into the hospital and start shooting up the dying people and their family out in the waiting room. i like running around punching people so they will chase you than find a cop car adn stopping infront of that cop car so they will punch you infront of the cops than they go to jail. i love robbing people that just got finished useing the atm machine, and getting in the semi trucks and being unstoppable. that game is the shit
  5. I love fighting people and countering them and whooping the shit outta them.
  6. Drifting =)
  7. I like 2 get hookers
  8. Haha, I do some of that shit, like punch a taxi car then run in front of a cop car. Also if you beat the dying people in the hospital with a bat no one will call the cops. I also found something 1000000 times better than pushing people down stairs: go up to where the train is and shove people in front of an oncoming train.

    I also enjoy having people chase me up a ladder, then sliding down and shoving half of them off. The hummer type deal with the america colors down the side is awesome for flipping other cars over. There are a bunch of other things I like to do, but I forget.
  9. nah you lot have got it all wrong you need to get a helicopter and kill cops with the blades lol unfortunately the helicopter doesnt last long

  10. no get a shotgun and blow the fuck out of their head through a car windshield.or closerange same deal
  11. no you people its all about the whores
  12. im still waiting for the pc version:(
  13. so you can get the hoz

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