GTA V screens? vice city?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Johnny Blazed, May 8, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]


    sure looks like it!
  2. Hells yeah, what's your source?
  3. I almost am inclined to say they are fake... but honestly... they look kind of believable. Poor quality but the 2nd pic actually looks simiar to GTA IV but VC.

    could be a mod though.
  4. Well at least tell us where you got these pics from...
  5. Def not vice city.

    But obvious GTA V will either be in Miami, Los Angele's, or France (atleast that's what the GTA community believes).

    Screens look legit, but it is possible that it was from a section of Liberty City that had palm trees or something.
  6. Why the fuck would they ever make a GTA France? Everyone hates France. Lol

    Idk if they're fake but I hope they bring back a lot of features from VC and SA cause IV sucked a big one.

  7. lol France would be sick. Lots of European cities I would want to have a GTA in. Paris would be one.
  8. Amsterdam :smoke:
  9. idc where it is, i just hope they dont have a cop every 5m like in GTA IV. i like GTA IV though, it wasnt bad :smoke:
  10. i heard gta v is gonna be a remake of San Andreas. Not a remake, but you know like what they did with LC in GTA4
  11. Those are fake. GTA #s will only be in Liberty city (GTA 1-4), that's why GTA San Andreas, Vice City, ect. are not numbered. Besides FUCK GTA 5, I want GTA: San Andreas 2.
  12. that would be sick, i love san andreas
  13. France is a recognized global power and Paris is an iconic city. Paris would be a ridiculous city to base a GTA game in.


    Would be an ill game.
  14. paris would suck imo...bunch of french gangsters, french cars, french pop culture, french radio etc just wouldnt work for me
  15. one set somewhere in asia like bangkok or hong kong would be dope
  16. How about a game set in SPACE!
  17. Gamesradar has confirmed the screenshots as REAL. I repeat GTA 5 is REAL.
  18. god damn why do they revisit the same fucking cities? if your gonna revisit something why not san andreas like everyone wants?

  19. It's not confirmed where it's going to take place, just that it's real.

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