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    So, I've always been a fan of the GTA series. I mean who couldn't be. But I haven't played it since GTA: SA on the PC. I recently just had Saints Row 2 and beat it. I liked it but it's just something that gets old really fast if you're good at it. But I was wondering if anyone here has played a good bit of GTA IV and what they think of it. I'm most likely gonna get it anyways tomorrow, But I just wanna know if there are things in the game that you find annoying or shit you like to do. Pretty much a Pro/Cons kinda thing. Anybody has it with Xbox 360 and Live, Cuz if you do, I'm gonna be playing it when I get it.

  2. I guess I'm late on this but yah it's a great game, I love it!
  3. Is it just me or did Saints Row feel more like a traditional GTA game than GTA 4 did. I dunno i tried a few different times to get into GTA 4 and i just never did, they tried to make it too realistic and strayed away from everything that made Grand Theft Auto great, ridiculous over the top insanity.
  4. I kinda like the new feel. I never really liked GTA 3 or Vice City. But GTA: SA was my favorite out of them all. I guess cause it was more Gang oriented. I guess thats why I liked Saints Row 2. But I don't really like cartoon like games. GTA 4 is the most realistic game I've played in a while. Next to Call of Duty and NBA 2K10.
  5. GTA4 took the series in a different, more realistic and story-focused direction. Personally I liked it a lot, but I'll admit I missed the bat-shit insane stuff from previous GTA games.
  6. San Andreas was crazy awesome. I love me some jetpacks, but 4 was just plain.

    It was still fun and all, but it wasn't as wacky as SA, but there were missions that were badass (there bank robbery mission that was similar to the movie Heat, fucking awesome). It's more realistic, the wanted-stars are easier to get rid of (up to like 3 stars), graphics are dope, and story line was pretty good.

    The downsides to it are that every license plate is the same, and game was rather short.

    But, since GTA4 is like $20 now, might as well get it.
  7. GTAIV

    Pros- Great graphics. Life like game. Cool cars, driving is fun, your in NYC, the radio stations are funny, and theres a wide variety of people and missions to do, and places to go.

    Cons- Its not very fun to play. Its very life-like. has the whole rag-doll effect everytime you fall and its annoying. Also it seems to be always dark. The game is very dark nothing like gta san andreas. the game also gets boring when your done with the missions ( which are pretty fun but get old). You cant really have a good time playing the game on its own like killing people, blowing shit up, and all that good stuff like you could in GTA San Andreas.

    Im actually playing it right now because my xbox live is down. So im stuck playing GTA instead of mwf2.
  8. You can change the settings to make it more vivid and bright, or more gloomy and dark.
  9. I enjoy it. Im playin it right now. So far I'm on the 2nd chapter. I picked it up because SR2 got old real quick. Also, For me, GTA 4 was only $0.52 =]. So I had to get it. It gets boring every now and then. But then I just stop playing and go do some other shit until I find myself wanting to play. Shits fun as hell when you're stoned off your ass.
  10. I loved playing GTA 4 on xbox360 I had so much fun. Now I have it only for PC but its an illegal version so I can't play online. I still have fun with the game although multiplayer is where the fun is at.
  11. I really don't fuck with the multi-player too much. I'm just cool cruisin around shootin people up and shit. Still workin on beatin the game though. So far I'm on the 3rd island.
  12. It is the shit, but personally I can't wait for GTA online:devious:

  13. WTF is GTA Online?

  14. I have SR 2 and i beat GTA iv, trust me man,youll get bored of gta waaaay faster than SR 2.
  15. haven't played in a minute but after reading this thread im going to go fire up the game and cruise around LC in Gay Tony's Schafter (that just sounds wrong)
  16. i think he means if they made an MMO style GTA where u could join gangs, cartels, militias....pretty much like a HUGE city map 10 times bigger than SA.

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