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  1. What would you like to see in the new GTA?
  2. Everything from san andres, scarface and every other gta all put into one game. Including armed roberies, drug deals, pickin up hookers and everything else imaginable. It should be rated R but i doubt it will be.
  3. Did you really sign up to make this as your first post?

    GTA IV is GTA 4, the game that came out years ago.

    There is already a huge thread about GTA V, the game that is coming out in 2013....

    But i would like to see poo slinging and the ability to throw people at walls and shit lol

    also more shit to do, like rob banks and the ability to go into police stations like in Vice city and then just bust and get 6 stars lol

  4. lol wtf... poo slinging?

    anyway, yea more interactive shit like being able to enter more buildings, more weapons, pretty much everything gta IV had but MORE MORE MORE. i know that sounds kind of shallow but it is true.

    i'm also hoping for better crashes when driving. i understand it would take away from the game having devastating crashes every time you bump into another car, but stil... 100mph and slamming into a car going the opposite direction and my bumper gets bent in... really?!
  5. drive tanks again
    more weapons/ customize them
    buy houses and cars and be able to customize them
    buy clothes
    more cars/trucks/transport trucks
    fighter jets
    parachuting again
    everything in GTA S/A
    burn stuff down
    blow shit up
    jet ski's
    4 wheelers
    monster trucks
    steal trains
    and more...

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