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  1. "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

    What do you think of this quote? Agree? Disagree? Wise? Naive? Justify your answers with specific examples.
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    I do agree with this, for myself at least.

    I try to be compassionate and and respond to the needs of others when I can help. I do ask or get upset when I don't get something in return. If you're helping someone out just to receive something in return, you're not truly being compassionate. You're being greedy and fake. I do not, however, leave myself in a position to be taken advantage of.

    I have a deadbeat older brother that has never taken responsibility for his life. He's always getting fired and always has a dramatic story behind it. I've had many "get your life back in to shape" talks with him but to no avail. He just enjoys the herb too much. I get nothing but crap for growing up in HI when he decided to stay on the mainland with our biological father. So we've always had a very strained relationship.

    About three years ago, he was bouncing around from Harley Davidson dealerships around NorCal as a parts person. People loved him as usual, but then got tired of his lies and laziness. Well finally, the pool of dealerships ran out and so did his money.

    Mind you, I'm the younger brother.

    He calls me up out of the blue to ask for money. We haven't spoken in months after he wished I was dead and threatened to kick my ass over the phone on my birthday. He lays the sob story of how the dealership was wrong for not supplying the proper tie-downs for a bike he was delivering to a customer on a trailer. The bike fell off when he left the driveway of the parking lot and he was fired. I told him it was a lot better to lose his job than to be stuck with the bill to fix the bike.

    I knew what was coming next. He was starting to tell me about all of his bills and that him and his able-bodied girlfriend didn't have enough money to eat and that they spent the last of their cash on Burger King, since it was the only thing they could walk to from their house. I knew, just knew that I wasn't going to see a lick of money back from him, but I gave him $500 anyways. I told him that this was the first and last time I'd ever do this unless he had an actual mouth to feed. I did this not for him, but because I had just found out that he was hitting my mother up for cash before and couldn't even think of her shelling out money to her grown-ass son.

    About two months later I was talking to my mother on the phone, who maintains in contact with my brother and she told me he had landed another job. He was managing a blockbuster up in Los Banos, CA and was doing better. He had used the money I gave him to insure his car and register it so he could go job hunting. I was very happy that my mother didn't have to not pick up the phone on her older son out of fear for being hit up for cash.

    He did end up being fired a while later, but he filed a sexual harassment lawsuit and apparently won. I can't imagine who would hit on him since he's built like jabba and has the personality of a schoolyard bully.
  3. Respect is a lost virtue found in only the best of people.
  4. holy fuck thats a long response
  5. Heh, well it's there for those that want to read it. It's a deep quote and I felt it deserved a deep response when he asked for an example to justify.

    It's all good, I'm baked and am just letting my fingertips do the cruisin, brah :cool:
  6. right on bro, i read the whole thing. does your brother smmoke the weed?
  7. Yeah brah. He won't quit to get a job either because he says it's his gift to society. He feels he'd be too angry and violent without it. Truth be told I haven't been scared of him since I've known him. He's just fat and lazy.

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