aviatar was fine but....

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by sensimil, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. to anyone who can be of any help...

    I changed my aviatar and now I cant change it back to what it was. When I try to upload *exactly* the pic I had before, I get a response that it has to be 75 by 75 pixels! i dont understand why it worked before but now I can use it!!! arg!

    any help?
  2. I bet you got in trouble. I believe that if you've been bad then you get sentenced to like a few days of technical difficulties or "odd" occurances while on the board. At least, when I'm bad and I know I've been bad, I end up with little problems or those "odd" things occur.

    Nah, I'm just high. If your pic used to be larger, then that's why you get the 75x75 deal. It has to be that bigger.
  3. whoa. and im talking joey lawrence kinda "whoa"
  4. holy moly RMJL I didnt even see that you wrote "Nah, I'm just high. If your pic...." lol oh geez...I wrote my reply all paranoid and then I came back to this thread cause IM ADDICTED TO POSTING and saw that you wrote that!!!! hahahaha...oh boy...

    but for real...i dont understand this at all....
    If your pic used to be larger, then that's why you get the 75x75 deal. It has to be that bigger.

    i dunno but that makes no sense to real.

  5. You made tears run down my face, sensimil, from laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's funny.

    I don't know about the avatar thing. Maybe someone in the-know will fill you in. I just make up random bullshit to appear to be one of those such people.
  6. umm....just to put my two cents in....

    i dont know what to do.
  7. See, your 2 cents always comes in handy, Norm. Everything is clear now!
  8. the pixels limit it too small SJ- make it BEEEIGER if you can...
  9. i repeat my plea for a bigger pixels limmit... something like 100X100 would be great...
  10. hehe, doesn't look like its happening... looks fine from here but would be cool
  11. i need a good aviatar, i was thinking about getting a pic of me but blacking out my eyes or something so you can't exactly tell who i am or something. Or maybe just get a pic taken of my ear lobe (its streched to a 4 gauge) or of my lip ring, i duno, ummm.
  12. or, you could take a picture of your ass and put a carrot in it!!
  13. ...and go out every night shaking your ass for money, when all your doing is making a hungry rabbit hungrier, stop waggling that carrot around like that man! how long has it been in there anyway?
  14. what if i like..take my shirt off or something?
  15. And the angel of the lord came unto me.
    Snatching me up from my place of slumber,
    and took me on high, and higher still until we
    moved through the spaces betwixt the air itself.
    And he brought me into a vast farmland of our own
    midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending
    doom arose from the soil. One thousand, nay, a
    million voices full of fear. And terror possessed
    me then. And I begged: Angel of the lord, what are
    these tortured screams? And the angel said unto me:
    These are the cries of the carrots. The cries of the
    carrot. You see, reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest
    day, and to them, it is the holocaust. And I sprang
    from my slumber drenched in sweat with the tears of one
    million terrified brothers and roared: Hear me now, I
    have seen the light. They have a consciousness! They
    have a life! They have a soul. Damn you! Let the rabbits
    wear glasses. Save our brothers. Can I get an amen.
    Can I get a haleluia. Thank you, Jesus.
    [This is necessary. Life feeds on life.]
  16. fucking carrot cracks me up!
  17. carrots are fuckin awesome man! are they a vegetable or are they a root? why are they orange? do they know they're orange? can a carrot stay fresh whilst lodged up someone's ass for a few months? maybe we can find a way to infuse carrot genes with the ability to produce thc and get high off of 'em. "hey man, don't bogart the giant genetically engineered carrot."

    Sorry Namron, can't resist myself any longer, that carrot's mine.

    *munch munch*

    whoa, I think I'm getting a buzz out of this ass-carrot. What if it was one of those genetic uber-carrots? whoa, that would be a trip. A giant glowing carrot sticking out of Norm's ass...
    I'm gonna go listen to Bjork now
  18. you know carrots where orriginaly like purple or something

    and they realy did engineer the orrange collor!

    and damn does that ass carrot tast good ?

    did it grow a bit up there i wounder?

    it was logged there for quite a wile

    i wounder how far the root got?
  19. Ok here it goes :)

    1st, 75x75 is also for layout reason, some people still browse these board on 640x480 or 600x800 resolution so every pixel eats from the left colum to place text, and my designer isn't happy with it, second we pay hello of a lot of money for bandwith, please realize that every time (any ) avatar is loaded on your screen it is added to our bandwith total, so I have to controle that. The more the board grows, the more threads and posts are viewed ,the more bandwith it generates, especilaiy all graphics are bandwith consumers. So that is the main reason why I have these restrictions on graphic size. For the rest I'm pretty easygoing, me thinks :)


  20. ya get a thumbs up from me SJ

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