Grr people piss me off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Namynam, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. I was bored, have a few hours to kill before i have to go to work, and im waiting for this kid to call me about a quarter i wanna pick up, so i head up to newbury comics and pick up a hendrix CD. Didnt kill as much time as i wanted it too, so i head over to the mall to grab some tacos and piss. Im walking into the food court and i see my neighbor whos pretty hot, and this kid whos kinda an asshole who goes to my school walking the other direction. I dont really talk to either of them, so i just walked by like they were just anybody, but something caught my ear. Who goes to the mall by themself?

    I wasnt sure if i heard right at first, but then i was pretty sure i did. So as i head to the bathroom im thinking, what the fuck does it matter to you who im here with, and what the fuck did i do to you that you have to rag on me for going the mall by myself. I dont go the mall to party, sorry. I go there when i need something, and it doesnt take me 5 people to pick up a CD or whatever, sorry. I was kinda pissed off about this, because i didnt think that chick was like that, so instead of getting some tacos i decided to just head home.

    Now im typing this listening to my CD and being kinda pissed off that people always need to find something wrong with other people. Fuck you. Sorry to rant.
    Now i really want weed >.<
  2. Yeah, I totally agree man; it doesn't take 5 people to tell you what you want. Damn girls piss me off so much with that too (their love of shopping). I personally prefer shopping alone cause then I can get out of the faster (I hate malls) without looking at what everyone ELSE wants.
  3. You should've followed them and yelled out random noises. See what they'd say about that.
  4. lol, assholes blow.. i usualy go to the mall with a friend tho.. usualy go up there and chill for a while and go up to fye to listen to some music, btw fye is for your entertainment, dont know how far out it goes... and sometimes go chill at the arcade.. i just dont like being in my house so if it gets me out ill go
  5. Sorry to hear you were treated that way man. But on a different note. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING NOT GETTING TACOS! I assume we're talking about Taco Bell here? Right? The place which sells bean and rice burritos for a dollar? And those new Chalupas? With chicken and bacon? Tsk, tsk. Poor decision my friend, poor decision. :D

    Oh, also, you pick up the quarter? That'd at least ease ya for a bit.
  6. That makes me mad too. Is everything a group activity nowadays? I can't stand company all the time. Sometimes I love to go to a cafe and just sit there by myself drinking a tonic water or something. But that's just me.
  7. oh dont get me fucking started on this shit. i hate stupid pricks like that. does it fucking matter if someone wants to go to the mall by themselfs? does it harm anyone else? no it doesnt so who give a shit. mate you should have gone up abd bitch slapped her one! hahaha

  8. Well This post makes me mad for two reasons man, one because some people think they are above others, and are big assholes and two because you accually took it to heart man, why do you care man?, just smoke one up and maybe go over to a friends and watch a movie to shake it off, but most of all call her a bitch if you see her and laugh if your with a friend at her

  9. haha shit u say taco bell round here and theres 5 cats in the car
  10. People like that fucking piss me off sometimes. What makes a person think they can say that about you. For all they knew u were just coming back from taking a piss or something. I know that when i go somewhere with friends, if i even bring them into me with stores, i'll have the common curtosy not to drag them into the bathroom with me. That'd just be weird. For all he knew u were about to meet you're friends, in fact, as far as he knew, you could have been walking over to meet them right at that moment. For all he knew, you were about to leave and you realized you left a bag in a store, or your watch in a restaurant. Usually when someone ticks me off like that, i just get all pissed like this^ for 10 minutes and then isten to music and chill and i'm cool. Also smoking a bowl goes in there somewhere too.

  11. Im totaly with you man, also what kind of a fking looser says that anyways she must be preety hung up on being popular .... she must be one big looser man
  12. I would of made a big stink about it infront of everyone, probably would of followed them around and would act like a smartass saying stupid crap...

    That kind of shit pisses me off, better off you found out how she truely is.
  13. thats fucking stupid. i go to the mall by myself more than with other people. becuase i usually just get what i need and bounce. i used to work at a mall and duruing my lunch would walk around and talk to the chicks at other stores. if you gotta go everywhere with other people, that makes you a fucking insecure bitch.
  14. lol didnt expect this many replies.

    About the quarter, no my boy never called me. Ill see whats up tomorrow. I didnt have a lot of time to get in contact with him since i had to go to work.

    And, i didnt really take it to heart. i do not give a fuck anymore, about what anyone thinks of me. if you like me, woo hoo big fucking deal we can be friends or whatever. If you dont like me, woo hoo, go fuck yourself because i dont give a shit and im not gonna do anything to make you like me. The thing that upset me was that all i was doing is walking through the damn mall, and it was more who said it than what was said, because ive barely said 2 words to that girl never mind a single negative thing.

  15. awe :/
    all I wanna say is..i know you probably didnt feel like eating after that. bummer :/
    those peeps, that girl, who cares..honeslty, individuality is HOT. its CONFIDENCE, and probably something that they will never know. I dont know how many times ive turned my head in *interest* in someone who was walking around doing thier *own* thing (esp in a mall!) by their ownselves!
    dont you worry! next time....
    ...and better get the supreme ;)
  16. people like that should fucking die. the only time i got to the mall is when i need to get some food or use a gift card or even the smoke in the parking lot then walk through the mall high
  17. the best way to deal with ppl like that is appreciate the fact that they are dumber then you. I dont know your IQ but anyone who thinks they are better then someone is stupid, i mean shit i dont even place hobos in the streets above me. Humans are humans simple as that, but ignore em and dont let it bother u, just think -"wow i feel bad for her, she needs to talk about other ppl to make herself feel better, i can just smoke a bowl"
  18. hey man i know how it feels...I am kind of a "loner stoner" i have friends but i HATE goin around with other people, unless its school. but i totally fuckin hate goin to the mall with totally sucks ass....i also like gettin high on my own (or with a dog) than i like gettin high with friends.
  19. You should've gotten your tacos, and threw them at those guys.
  20. yep man i feel ur pain that shit pisses me off.

    happened 2 meh when i was younger and i was in 4th grade and ppl would talk shit bout me kuz i wasnt one of those prepy fuckers at the cathloic skewl who liked god and shit..
    so i left the skewl went to a new skewl and everything wuz fine and made some kick ass friends in that new skewl that i still hang around with now ..

    and a Quote from above.."I could just go smoke a bowl and feel better" isnt that about the same has she saying some shit to u to reasure herself that shes better then u ..think bout it ..its just to other ways to make people feel bettter about them selfs ..just my 2cents

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