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  1. My Cousin is being an ass and says if i take a real pic i could get busted witch it is a felony offense and im goin to boot camp in a few months for 2 felonies allready
    this grow has to happen
    So N-E Way i Sketch it to my best of mind picture

    The Question is Will It Work ....
    Cost $0.00
    Just Stuff i had arround the house
  2. oh yea i forgot to draw the air duct i have a 4 inch air duct with constant air 70 degrees F
    got a good fan powering that ..12V Water Pump Fully Submurdgable
    Should i add another set of 40 watt cfls ?
  3. Does this grow have to be finished and harvested by the time you go to boot camp in 2 months? If so you should quit before you start or you are only in for a dissapointment
  4. naww i probaly wont go to boot camp for 4 months
  5. Add as many CFL's as you can, the more the better, especially if you have more than one plant (Which you should do incase you get a male)

    How is the watering system you plan on using set up?
  6. right now im just planing on using the water out of my foam chest .... the water in the foam chest has a pump that keeps recycling it adding oxygen .. i was just gonna dip some out of that everytime i need it ....

    do you have another idea of how i should do this ?
  7. so do you think 6-40 watt cfls would be good or to much ?

    6-40 watts = 240 watts
    4-40 watts = 160 watts
    2-40 watts = 80 watts

    should i use (or) need 240 watts cfls ?
  8. Yes that timer will work, yes 6 CFL's should be good, and that water should be fine :)
  9. im sorry i have been misleading you i dont have cfls i have cool white floresent tubes 6-40 watt

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