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  1. Hi! I live in North Africa (Tunisia) and I have the possibility to grow how much weed I want too because I live in a small village and I have very very very much ground, it's like I have my own mini-country [​IMG] so I will not be disturbed.. So I just wanna know if the temperature in North Africa is good for growing marijuana? It's like 100 degrees in the summers.. And what seeds would be perfect? I like the sativa ones that get me ready for my day.. I dont wanna get sleepy. Feeeel me?! :D
  2. not sure but please post your pics when you do get it going :)
  3. Haha, Im seriously thinking about buying a ticket to a experienced grasscity member so I can get going because I love mary jane.. but I know nothing about it haha.. got a nice mansion here just need help!!
  4. I think you shouldn't have a problem, the hotter the better. Weed is a weed, you know the kind most people hate. Find yourself a spot and throw-em about, water, wait, see, improve.

  5. i know a fella that made a book The Cannabis Cultivator he's called jeff ditchfeild and he recommends masterkush by dutch passion he got 48 ounce dry i have the pic somewhere
    but im not sure about under that heat il ask him

  6. 100 is kinda hot, but it could be done.
  7. If you live in a place where it is legal i would recommend that you start a few grow boxes all you need is a plastic container a few cheap cfl's and a fan. Grow your seeds in the box till about 1 foot tall take all but one and put them outside. That one plant left is your mother plant you can keep her in a vegetative state and have unlimited supply of your favorite strain with way less time. Does the temp pretty much stay the same all year round? I would also look for a strain that is very resistant to heat.
  8. Its like 100 degrees at its hottest and that is when its like july-august.. then its less heat.. :)
  9. Well shit send me out to africa i will set you up a big operation if it is legal.
  10. wont you have bugs all over them all the time?
  11. Fuck bugs if you use the right natural compounds. They can't even touch shit with soap sods and neem oil.
  12. well north africa i would say get to researching strains but don't know if anything is resistant to 100 degree plus. Alot of fans and A/C you would be alright. if nobody is looking plant indooors its the better way to go in questionable conditions.

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