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  1. Ok I just starting growing and I want to start growing indoors then move them outside. NOw that won't hurt them at all will it. Also how long does it take for the plants to be ready to harvest???? Also how can you tell from a male or female plant?????
  2. If you view this which I know poeple have then just answer any one of those questions

    I just dont want ot do anything wrong!!!
  3. All of those questions are easily answered ,merely by reading back posts....if you get a little confused,,,someone will surely assist ....

    have on...enjoy the forums....

  4. OK, starting the plants indoors and then moving them outdoors is a common thing to do, it won't harm the plants providing they're an outdoor strain!
    How long the plants take can vary quite alot according to strain and conditions. Most plants flower for 7-9 weeks.
    Sexing plants can be quite tricky, ideally you should try and find some pictures to help you.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Before you transfer outdoors, give the plants a couple hours of sunlight for a couple of days.

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