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    Growing Your
    John has great videos to assist in growing your veggies, fruits, and herbs. Do not miss out in watching some cool videos

    John from shares with you his no-cost technique to prevent birds from eating his rare perennial purple tree collard seeds. In this episode you will see the bird eating immature tree collard seeds and learn how John will reuse a Mesh Bag to protect his crops from the Birds. After watching this episode you will learn some techniques that may help you to deter and keep the birds away from your vegetable garden.

    John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode John will answer the following questions:
    0:40 What kind of greens can I grow in Mohave desert?
    3:20 What would you grow if you had only 4 foot area?
    4:59 How can I tell if my plants are doing ok and if they are healthy?
    9:22 What should I include in my potting mixture?
    13:30 What can I grow in Mesa Arizona?
    15:59 Will vegetables grow with only 4 hours of sun?
    After watching this episode. you will learn John's answers to these questions and probably so much more.

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    Waist High Pallet Garden & More at the 2013 SF Flower and Garden Show

    John from shares with you the 2013 SF Flower and Garden show and shares with you examples of how you can grow food at home. In addition, you will learn about some different techniques and get some ideas for growing food at home. Finally, you will learn about some of the new products that enable you to grow more food organically at home.
    Accessible Wheelchair Elevated Raised Bed Container Garden from Start to Finish

    John from installs a waist height accessible wheelchair raised bed container garden for Kenza who was struck by a car while bicycle riding. In this episode John will share with you how to build a raised bed container garden from start to finish including selecting the supplies and plants. You will learn some characteristics of a good wheelchair raised bed garden and learn about the potting soils that John will be using. For the grand finale, you will see how gardening can make you SMILE and make dreams become a reality.

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