Growing with street lamps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokaification, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Most street lights are hps, mh, or mercury vapor and are mostly 175w.

    Can you use this to grow? Im not suggesting stealing street lights, but i live in a very rural area and ppl buy their own and put them up. I have a few in my yard that no one will miss.

    On a side note, i bought an ashcatcher for my grommet bong but it has a long ass neck and for some reason, a carb? idk either but ive been usin it as a bubbler and I.Am.High
    i didnt realize it had a carb until i got home....:eek:paying attention is worth every penny.
  2. Mercury vapor dont work. Use mh for veg and hps for flower .

    good luck:hello:

  3. agreed, street lamps work, but not MV
  4. Usually the ballast is attached this adds a lot of weight and heat...just a heads up. It is very easy to work with just a socket, bulb, and relfelctor rather than a 15 pound ballast.

  5. I actually have a friend that had a 1000w hps ballast/socket attached to each other.

    i didnt ask where he got it. i noticed the light cord was cut but i actually took it apart.

    cut off the socket from the ballast and rewired the entire thing putting a 7' cord on the

    and kept everything else intact in the ballast.

    Works fine now. even tinknocked a reflector for him with 6'' ducting flanges.

    He deffinetly got the cheap end of the deal. gave me 2oz. in his first harvest with that sucka.
  6. yes you can extend it just make sure you use an equal or greater heavy insulated gauge wire.

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