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Growing weed upside down underwater?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by DCrist721, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if a cannabis plant could survive with its leaves and stems underwater?

    I was thinking of growing my plants upside down after hearing of much success regarding upside down tomato growing, and for some reason i began thinking of the benefits of growing underwater through veg. I know if the roots were constantly underwater the plant would die, but by keeping the plant upside down you can avoid this. With the plant underwater, 1 you could keep the plant cool and 2 you could give it alot more c02; since co2 disolves in water, you could enrich your plant with a c02 generator alot more effectively than in a grow cab. c02 is a huge contributing factor to growth according to what I've read.

    I'll definitely be trying this the next time I have a plant in veg that I can take clones from. This is probablly going to sound really stupid to me in the morning, and I'm sorry if it does to you, but I wanted to hear other people thoughts before dismissing it. I realize this is kind of a foolish question, however unconventional thinking is what creates progress.
  2. I'm not trying to put you down but isn't it true that plants breathe through their leaves therefore would cause the same effects as roots sitting in water. Even if it was constantly aerated i doubt it would stop the plant from drowning.

    But in regards to growing upside down i would believe that by doing that maybe you can speed up growth by allowing the plant to put less energy towadrs growing a heavy stalk. Maybe results can match that of LST due to denser buds and heavy sidebranches aided by gravity which in return would give multiple cola's in the end.
  3. is it a good idea? only one way to find out
  4. Not sure how the female buds would work out underwater. That would be a fun waterlogged bud cure. Not worth the effort IMHO.
  5. High crist!:wave: Yeah nice thought, but I think you've gone too far with this one...lol. MJ is just NOT an aquatic plant. pluss the light factor would be rediculessly difficult to manage. I hear ya on the co2, but still....:confused: . pluss there are water born pathogens that would rot the plant if it didnt have the genetic make up to defend itself. Dont forget algea as well. Even the upside down thing..why? to increase yeild? just grow another plant, that increases yeild.
    Hey, keep thinking though. For every good idea ive ever had, there has been at least a doezen bad ones to go with it;) ! Peace and be safe, TBug
  6. seriously.
  7. Hey DCcrist721

    Nice idea and I can totaly see how one would think such a thing...I have simular ideas about upside down growing...humm wonder if we are tonkin the same gongue? HAHA
  8. I'm guessing roots would start to grow out the side of the stem, and the meristem would attempt to right itself, growing up through the upside-down soil.

    The upside-down soil would be tricky, too.

  9. a friend once grew one upside down through the holes in the bottom of the pot. had a hps on the floor and had the plant pot hanging from the ceiling. It came through the hole in the pot and grew quite well. stretched a LOT and had really flimsy stems, but smoked nice and yeilded better than his others (so he says). dont think it'd work under water though
  10. the upside down idea, there's something to that.....i've seen in hydro magazines plants grown horizontally and upside down. so, you have something there.
    but underwater? would not work. plants breathe through their leaves. even in co2 rich water it would not work, the plant has not evolved to do so. like humans could not breathe underwater even if the water is o2 rich.
  11. oh yea, i forgot to mention that grow-bags would work nice for this. poke a hole in the "bottom" for the stem and you could water through the top as normal. dude if you do this please post pics, very very interesting idea.
  12. Well, I just germed a bag seed for fun, gonna try growing that upside down in soil (as in not hydro, and not submerged underwater) once its an inch or two tall. Will def post pics once I do.
  13. First of all I must say that growing a plant upside down does work very well. My buddy in Florida grows Blue in a water tank + (special secret)hanging upside down with nets and it gets you extremly high..peace :smoking:
  14. Tried growing mj as aquatic in a converted saltwater setup , used 5.2 ph water after sprout things went fine until leaves started they rotted almost before development, seems like they could not absorb co2, and the roots were lacking o2 :( maybe try again if my fish die off. I ran the whole setup though diffuser , airator under mat for roots, ph meter hooked to co2
  15. Man we need people like you just to try it man thats what im talking about forget the agriculture book says if you toke up an idea just try it. It never hurts to try well at least if it didn't cost you like G's to try something new.
    I seen a spinning wheel with the HPS 1000wt water cooled light in the middle that made me stare at it for like a half hour my brain was reverse engineering. If it fails try something else TAKE RISKS!! -Roberto Dobilina
  16. try looking up this thing used to grow tomatoe plants upside down.
    theres commercials on tv all the time sure some of you have seen it.
    its called the TopsyTurvy. ive used it for tomatoe plants before, but havent yet tried it for weed.
  17. Umm look up DWC ( Deep Water Culture) the roots live in a pool pf water nothing else... of course with out oxigentation (sp?) they would die...

    Now as per keeping the veggative part of a plant underwater....good luck..it would be about the same as trying to raise a 2 year old human underwater......what the hell is it going to breathe ? this is a land based plant ..not a lilypad.

    ohh wait this thread is like 2 years old..and the OG poster didnt have any luck it would seem...whats that tell ya ?

    growing upsdide down isnt exactly new folks...just somebody got a cool patent for it and some TV time. although use in an old Phototron might work ( maybe a person can make one really work for bud this way ....doubt it though) as they are both gimmicks.
  18. I tried one of those topsy turvy's with cherry tomatoes. what a bust. As soon as the starter plant took to the soil it did a u-turn for the sun. Plus, if your plant isn't tall enough to clear the shadow of the bottom circumfrance (<-sp) it will be robbed of the sun. Don't believe what you see on TV. I hope your experience was "fruitful".
  19. only way i could possibly see this working...."small to no chance of success" would be having a constant flow of oxygen going to the plant...like abunch of bubbles maybe?? but then again the buds wouldn't be near as potent..

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