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Growing weed in a fridge?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Chode, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. I've been wanting to grow weed really bad, but I live with my parents. I bought a little mini fridge in my room, and someone reccomended growing in there. Is this possible, and if so;

    Will it stink up my room?
    Do I need a lot of extra equipment?
    The fridge is no more then 20'' high, probably about 12-15'' on the inside, could I fit a plant in there?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. u could fit a plant in there and it wouldnt take much to make it grow in a space that small but id question the worth of it due to the super small room u have to work with and yess it would stink up your room but only if u ventilated it and yess u have to vwentilate it u have to extange the air in the space something like once a mineut which ouldnt be hard at all and... er um oh yeah dont grow at home if ur parents are against weed.... believe me its not worth the eventual hassel just wate till u move ur bum ass out and youll be a lot happier about the whole thing
  3. I don't think my mom would kick me out...she knows I smoke. She'd probably just throw the plant out. So....how easy would it be for me to grow in a small fridge, and what would be a good small strain? (I.E, Lowryder)
  4. Alright, I'm determined to give it a shot. Can someone give me some links on how to do this shit? Thanks.
  5. you do know that if for any reason at all the popos gert up in your house and find even just the one small plant they can seize the house from mom and dad right, just a thought and i really do think 20" is way to short IMO.
  6. lol cool Chode i'm happy u considered that idea i wrote in ur thread :D
  7. Fuck it, it sounds like too much trouble. I'll just hold out a little while 'till I get my own place.
  8. go to home depot and get a bookshelf with doors on it-- the kind that you can close... if you get a 5 ft one you will have plenty of room and you could also put a lock on some of them.. and you would have plenty of room for lights, fan, ect.
    but that little mini refridgerator is WAYYYYYYYY too small.. you would have to have something bigger
  9. Sharper image sells these things called Ionic breezes, they are great. If you have the money,. or you have very stupid people that live around you and throw them out becausde they "broke" take them. BTW our neigbors threw out 3 of thses, each 200+ $$. Their basic/small models are cheaper. You can use it as ventilation + odor elimination. It does need cleaning every once-in a while. thats why peopkle throw them out. Stupid fucks dont know how to clean one.
  10. ive just thought of doing this since theres grow safes around it looks like a fridge why not try a fridge after all its gonna be cheaper to set up but while thinking of this idea i then thought fridges are sealed when closed hows the plant gonna breath? no heat will get out and its not really big enough to fit a growlight in, seems like a good idea dunno if it will work 

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