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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gonejah17, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. I have like 5 different growing videos Ive picked up along the way in avi or mpeg format. does anyone have an ftp server or some way I can post them all online for everyone to watch?? they're very informative.
  2. just go to and download your own FTP server program. I would only give the Password and such out on PM type basis, as your IP address is laying out there for everyone and a crafty cop could do an IP backtrace.
  3. youtube? lol. idk im didnt really read wut u saud but i thut u said somthing about posting videos up... ive seen planty of vidoes on youtube that deal with growing mj so i dont think theyll care
  4. yeah but youtube has time limits. these are like actual movies. Ill check the other thing hold on I forgot what u said lemme check. K - Ill check but what I need is someone with actual physical space liek an ftp SERVER not a client program.. U can access ftp servers straight from windows explorer all we need to find is someone with ftp SPACE like maybe someone that works with IT.

    Ill check it out. but youtube wont work. thnx for the responses.
  5. Yes, you can download an FTP Client, where your computer will be the FTP server, and you just make the directory where those movies are as your /home
  6. but wouldn't you have to leave your computer on 24/7?
  7. No, just tell people when your normally on your computer then they can get it then.
  8. hmm, just dont want everyone to have access to my computer, Ill think about that.
  9. Just upload them to a bittorrent site. Also, a quick search brought me to I'd recommend the torrent route though.
  10. think Im gonna use this old compaq as a server and just install a client. Ill get the IP and userID and password and post it for y'all to check it out. give me a minute tho Im pretty busy this might take a few days. or if someone else wants to do it Ill upload the vids.

    let me know

    i have like 5 I think
  11. yeah that time lapse was sweet
  12. I Think that right there was a coolest video ever.. Who ever did that was dedicated with that shit. Damn
  13. im glad he did the close ups, I would love to see HD footage of a bud just exploding into growth. Mmmm. Did you notice in the later weeks of the flowering phase the plant right in the middle seems very shiny? I think the IR light on the camera is really picking up the trichomes, they're supposed to hold mad heat in them.
  14. I know a very simple solution.

    Upload your files to a file storage website. Just type in google "free file storage". There are more than a couple. You can even post the links to the file here and allow people to access them.

    I'd really like to have some copies of those videos, I'm a visual oriented person myself.

    The cops won't mess with you. They don't mess with the hundreds of other people smoking and growing and posting pictures and videos.

  15. Im an RX patient so I dont really care about the cops, maybe for file sharing purposes tho . . . . Ill check out the free file storage but u realize the vids are like 600MB each. Let me know specifics itll be faster for me to get this up and running. These vids are VERY INFORMATIONAL one is by JORGE himself, and one is by this cool cat MR GREEN from CANADA, another is a bunch of info from high times and another is from THC SEEDS, a little strange but some good info.

    Ill check it out.
  16. So did you find a good storage site? I want those videos!
  17. haha.. me too, i'm anxiously awaiting information.. feed me, feed me...
  18. yeah found a nice one called media maxx shit took me ALL NIGHT to upload one movie (950MB) woke up in the morning and it said it was done . . . . the progress bar was full but the screen was like froze, so I refreshed it and everything but it was frozen, so I left it open and opened a new window and accesed my media maxx account and it says I have no videos uploaded GRRR so I closed the frozen window and tried to log out and access the account again and it still says I have no files uploaded. GRRR so Ill try again but it takes a LOOONG time so Im trying to find a better way to do it.

    I WILL get these videos up srry its taking a minute Been kinda busy but Ill have them up soon.

    It will be worth the wait.

    lemme check the media maxx site to make sure thats what its called its something like that Ill edit to verify.

    Have faith

    {EDIT} site is

    {EDIT ) just checked the site for shits and giggles and lo and behold my video is there!!!!

    Its the Jorge Cervantes one. gimme one sec Ill tell you how to access it Im not sure how yet.

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