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    WE have our two seedlings that are still going one very well and the 2nd is smaller ( see pics ) we started on a 12/12 and used a little fert. We were having issues finding the proper things we needed and so we went with well if it is good enough for tomato's than it should be ok for the plants.

    We got some tomato fert spikes, I know that spikes are a but no no so we ground part of one them up and mixed with water.

    The good news is that we have stamens on the lager plants instead of balls so Hello Girly !!

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  2. Good luck, I hope this works out for you! :smoking:
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    i would transplant them soon, they dont really need it that small but clay pots suck, they brake, depending on how big u want them, also small pots = more frequant waterings. use atleast 1gal plastic pot also a good soil will feed them for up to 3 months so u dont really need to fertalize, but give them binificals like hygrozym (hydro store around $35 amarican)
    if they become mature under a constaint light cycle. ie 24h-18h and u give them less they will flower
    i once changed my 24h veg to an 18h veg cycle and they started flowering when i didnt want them to

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