Growing Thorn bushs around my plot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by microgrower, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Ok so ive been contemplating were to grow this year. So i found a great spot open but looks like deer go through the area alot. So i brain stormed and thought a natural defence could be thorn bushs. Went in the woods look on some thorn bushs and sure enough i found seed pods with like 2 - 5 seeds in each pod. Grow them on the outside of my plants and keep deer away. what do you guys think?
  2. Sorry if theres any spelling issues to lazy to spell check today.
  3. It will keep out deers, but you'll be trading them for rabbits and voles, they love those thorn bushes.
  4. Rabbits are probably easier to keep away, but growing a thick thorn bush is going to take a few years. Better to just find some that are there already - also very unlikely people are going to venture into them.
  5. i dont need to worry about people :)
  6. This will be my first outdoor grow so idk.
  7. Anon you'd be amazed with what a dug up and replanted thorn bush root can produce in a matter of weeks. It's almost scary.
  8. sounds like you have done this? or tried it?
  9. More like I've been trying to kill them for years, they spread like wildfire and they just DON'T die. your opening up a whole big can of worms if you plant them.You can cut them right down to ground level and they'll be back in a month. I actually started my seedlings in pots surrounded by thorns last summer and they did pretty well, after I shot all the rabbits that kept biting the tops off lol.

  10. I'll leave that one to you lol, it's bad enough walking through them let alone dragging one about and replanting it.
  11. If you don't mind the thorn bushes then there's no reason not to try it. I'm growing in the middle of a blackberry patch this year. Its a great natural defense. You can also get the sprays they sell that claim to keep away dear, hang soap bars nearby and pee on any rocks in the area. The rocks hold the smell longer than just peeing in the dirt I've heard. This is one method that it never hurts to try!
  12. Personally, I pour a half bag of rock salt around the bottom, sit back, and watch them die a slow painful death. but thats just me lol.
  13. Ok so thorn bushes is a no go. Theres heavy dear trail right next to the place i wanna grow. I would pick a new place but its so perfect ha-ha. Theres people who grow around me i think. I am lead to believe this because i was riding my quad on the road going on some trails and i pulled off to the side of the road to take a call and some guy started freaking out on me asking me what im doing here. I explained i was just pulling off to take a call and he waited until i was done and then finally left. I have been on the guys land before and saw clearings in his woods. I wouldn't rip his plants even if i found them but very curious. what do you guys think i should use? chicken wire isn't really an option cause the only place i can think of that sells the stuff is a good 1-2 hour drive.
  14. every time you go out there take a piss around you plants not on them tho. its like marking your territory and should keep alot of animals away
  15. I've found this attracts other predatory animals to my plot, around me It's mostly coyotes, which may actually help keep the deer away lol.
  16. I saw in the movie Humboldt County they always pissed around there plants :D
  17. Sounds like you've got it hard growing in America with all the deer n shit. I live in australia and the only thing that worries me about an outdoor grow (my first) is the sheer amount of pricks who go looking in the dunes for grow ops to rip. Personally I think ripping out thorn bushes and placing them discreetly around the plot would be an idea, although maybe only to deter humans
  18. I like to collect hair from my dogs and keep in a bag, once I fill the ziplock I go dump the hair near my plants scattered then I piss in different spots near the plants every time I go back.I suggest peeing on trees and not the ground because the smell will stick longer and that's what animals do when they mark.

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