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Growing the dream

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by GrowingTheDream., Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Looking to finnaly commit to a journal and take you on a journy with me. Also looking to help others.

    Going to try n post weekly updates and tutorials.

    Heres my first video of the grow space. Enjoy and ask questions.

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  2. Hey welcome to GC!

    Nice setup you got there. Really like the table/cloning area, good use of space!


  3. Helps cuts cost on lights too. I can let them veg for a little under the t5s vs the 600. Electricity adds up
  4. Here are some moonshine cookies by mosca seeds. I took these clones off my only female plant and im glad i did. The mother plant is in flower and it looks great.

    I cut clones, dip them into fresh aloe, then straight into my cloner. After about 2 weeks i have roots at which i place them into soil.

    20180313_190530.jpg 20180313_190548.jpg

    Here are some ghost train haze by rare dankness. Forgot how old they are but i will be transplanting them into the flower room maybe this week

    20180313_190627.jpg 20180313_190711.jpg
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  5. 20180318_114112.jpg

    Start with the babies. These are moonshine cookies by mosca seeds. These are clones cut from the only female of 10 seeds. These are 3/4 weeks from cutting and are doing great. Can already see roots popping out of the bottom. Will need to transplant soon.

    Top dressed - crab, kelp, neem, alfalfa meals, malted barley powder.
    Watered in - aloe, agsil, molasses, ful power, tm7.

    Next we have ghost train haze by rare dankness. Of 12 seeds im left with 9 plants. Im searching for a keeper out of this bunch so there are some pots with 2 plants in them. These will get a short veg and then to flower. Clones will be taken from all female plants and i will do another run picking a keeper from the next run.


    Top dressed - kelp, sea bird guano, malted barley powder
    Watered in - molasses, tm7, ful power, aloe, agsil

    These are 3 weeks into flower. Back 2 are jack herrer by seedsman and the front left is moonshine cookies.

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