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  1. Looking to finnaly commit to a journal and take you on a journy with me. Also looking to help others.

    Going to try n post weekly updates and tutorials.

    Heres my first video of the grow space. Enjoy and ask questions.

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  2. Hey welcome to GC!

    Nice setup you got there. Really like the table/cloning area, good use of space!


  3. Helps cuts cost on lights too. I can let them veg for a little under the t5s vs the 600. Electricity adds up
  4. Here are some moonshine cookies by mosca seeds. I took these clones off my only female plant and im glad i did. The mother plant is in flower and it looks great.

    I cut clones, dip them into fresh aloe, then straight into my cloner. After about 2 weeks i have roots at which i place them into soil.

    20180313_190530.jpg 20180313_190548.jpg

    Here are some ghost train haze by rare dankness. Forgot how old they are but i will be transplanting them into the flower room maybe this week

    20180313_190627.jpg 20180313_190711.jpg
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  5. 20180318_114112.jpg

    Start with the babies. These are moonshine cookies by mosca seeds. These are clones cut from the only female of 10 seeds. These are 3/4 weeks from cutting and are doing great. Can already see roots popping out of the bottom. Will need to transplant soon.

    Top dressed - crab, kelp, neem, alfalfa meals, malted barley powder.
    Watered in - aloe, agsil, molasses, ful power, tm7.

    Next we have ghost train haze by rare dankness. Of 12 seeds im left with 9 plants. Im searching for a keeper out of this bunch so there are some pots with 2 plants in them. These will get a short veg and then to flower. Clones will be taken from all female plants and i will do another run picking a keeper from the next run.


    Top dressed - kelp, sea bird guano, malted barley powder
    Watered in - molasses, tm7, ful power, aloe, agsil

    These are 3 weeks into flower. Back 2 are jack herrer by seedsman and the front left is moonshine cookies.
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  6. I love your cloner! What parts would I need to put together?
  7. Just a plastic container, pvc pipe, water pump, misters, plugs and a timer. This weekend i can post a video or pictures with better details
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  8. Can you post a picture of the inside? I would be interested to see how you did the piping. Also do you have to worry about leaks?
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    talk about GROWING WEED.
    weed done.jpg


    and am not being a smart ass...
    have never seen anything like it indoors befor
    I love your Electric UP.
    I love your zones an how you have each divided.
    LOVE that its pretty tidy.

  10. Yeah i can post something for you. Ots really easy to make one and it works great. I get roots within 2 weeks of cutting.

    I use alfalfa hay as a my mulch, so there are seeds in it and they just grow. I just rip it out at the start of a fresh cycle and use it in the pot.

    And sometimes not all the pots get filled with plants so the ones with no plants usally have alot of "weed" growing in them.
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  11. 20180324_084759.jpg 20180324_084204.jpg

    Wk 3 moonshine cookies. Im truly amazed by this lady. Looks great, tight nodes, great structure. I cant wait to see the buds.

    20180324_084208.jpg 20180324_084213.jpg

    Wk 3 jack herrer. One is looking good and the other still has funky leaves on the top. Its alright.


    This is a skywalker auto. Idk where its at. I forgot when i planted it but its in the flowering room. Just needed to fill a pot.

    Today i did nothing to the flowering plants. Just checked them and thats it. No top water or nutes.


    Ghost train haze vegging. They still have not shown their sex. Hopefully they will next week, becuz im flipping to flower and cutting clones

    Today they got nothing.


    Moonshine cookies clones. Wk 3 from cutting. They are taking off. I will probably transplant them next week
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  12. My cloner
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  13. Great detail in the video, thanks for the tip with the aloe. The moonshine cookie clones are looking great...keep us posted on those!
  14. Made 2 videos tonight.

    Cloning and transplanting

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  15. 20180405_202508.jpg

    Week 4 moon shine cookies


    Week 4 jack herrer

    Making a tea with guano, kelp, ewc, compost, molasse, silca, and aloe.
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  16. Great setup man!!! . Love the overall design and blumat system. Keep it up!
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  17. 20180409_071319.jpg 20180409_071313.jpg

    Wk 5 moonshine cookies

    20180409_071406.jpg 20180409_071401.jpg

    Wk 5 jack herrer

    Gave then both a tea of sea bird guano, kelp, ewc, compost, agsil, aloe
  18. Your plants look great. How long do you usually steep your teas? Is there a best time of day you have found to apply?

    I've been using kelp, alfalfa meal and EWC but will add the compost and aloe also.
  19. Usually 24-48 hours...
    I just apply it when its done. I dont think time of day matters
  20. Long time no updates. Sorry guys. Looking to get back with it just been lazy
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