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    Well, I just moved into a new house outside of philedelphia and I am loving the new freedom of neighboors ( 200 yards too nearest house ) So i am doing an indoor grow throughout the winter ! I am going to be living with my current girlfriend and her father, in which he doesn't mind smoking but doesn't want it in the house. ( even though I pay the same amount of rent ). Unfortunately for him, he cannot walk upstairs due to him losing his legs a few years ago in a tragic car accident. I am proposing to my girl in the up coming months since its been 4 and half years and she's been the love of my life ( well one of them :D ) and she is fully aware of what is going on and is fine with the grow ( aswell as i know what consequences could happen if we were to somehow split ). I am going to begin a grow here for personal use but I am needing the best design possible with the given information. ( I have little knowledge and have been learning quite some time about growing, I don't half ass anything. )

    Grow room:

    6 feet wide, 6 feet in length and 7 feet in height.

    Door opens 22 inches, limits the growing space to about 4 feet in length but keeps the width 6 feet accross.

    I will be using 2 400 hps light bulbs with 4-6 smaller 100w on the sides not getting lights. I plan on rotating the plants daily about 90 degrees so that each side gets a fair amount of the 400wattage :D

    Below are some very horrible designs of what I am thinking, I have a camera but will not be taking any pictures for the time being.

    *note* pictures are not scale, just a quick idea I am just wondering what the grasscity community has tto think. Ohhhh and I love the forums, have been a great read while I :smoking:.

    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    ( couldnt get them to post on the forum, either too big or maybe tits because im a new user. )

    My goal is to grow 5-7 plants and hope to gain 3-4 Ozs per plant. I will be using bag seeds, which I very little clue on what buds they could be.

    Any other tips and suggestions, I would be glad to take em all in !
  2. Well Prolpe what do you think? let's help this kid out.
  3. Any help is better then non :)
  4. let me get this straight...
    Your trying to grow in your girlfriends fathers house, who doesnt approve, but wont find out about it because he cannot go upstairs?

    well, first off you said nothing about ventilation. it's extrmely hard to keep a ROOM ventilated to no scent escapes, especially if your trying to hide it from somebody who lives there.

    5-7 flowering plants is one strong, potent odor.

    second, the electricity bill will go way up aposed ot what it is now in a home, with 2 400w lights in it. you dont think that someone who pays bills wouldnt notice that?

    I find that to be a horrible, and disrespectful decision. your doing illegal things in a mans house, who has expressly told you that its not approved of, because of that fact he is disabled and cannot access your grow room.

    I hope i misunderstood. if not - rethink your situation.
  5. ^It isn't clear whose house it is, in fact it seems that both the OP and his future father-in-law both are paying "rent" so it sounds like there is a landlord owner.

    It's not what you want to hear, but you should not grow in a house with others who do not know of and consent to the grow. Even if they can't get up the stairs. And, growing in a rented property adds additional security threats that make it too risky IMO. Check the Security sub-thread, lots of discussion there about why growing in a rented property is a risky proposition.
  6. Well i guess rents an awful word to use :p the house is being financed from both my girlfriends father and me, as he is retired I am paying most of the bills and eletricity is something I have specifically ask to pay for. As for the smell, I will be trying to use some sort of system to shoot the air out of the back top of my house ( or a carbon filter of some sort). The house runs down hill and we have no backyard/porch in place. ( he won't be going in the backyard anytime soon; well atleast till the summer when I build a porch ). I forgot to add out some details but thanks for the responses, they give me something to think about.

    question: Out of curiosity; How much extra will a 400w 2-light bulb system potentially add to the vegetative stage? I plan at running it between januray till mid feburary ( roughly 6 weeks ) during the colder months were the heating bill is added to my eletric bill.

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  8. its going to add at least 30-35 buck on the bill depending on where you live. If you wanna kill the odor invest in a phresh carbon filter they kick some major ass.. and if he looks at the bill and then hands it over to you to pay.. think about a little cover story like: " O i just got a new computer it is really nice its got a 1000 watt power supply" GOOd LUCK MAN

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