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  1. hi gc,
    my plaint is growing so slow its about to mounth and a half along and it only has to sets of leafs and hasnt started to flower i got it set to 8 to 8 and i water them bout two three day i started the nutes bout a week ago i spray some water on them every day with a spray bottle freash water before and aftar i go to work and it is still only has 2 sets of leafs its pretty tall thow its like 7 or 8 inchs well i hope u can help me out.lotsofmaryjane

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  2. What do you mean you set it to 8 to 8?? The lighting? If thats it, you need more then 12 hours or light. ((unless u have it from 8pm to 8pm... thats good))

    Dont water them everyday... What kinda lights do you have? Grow medium? If you need help, you have to give us a lot more details.

    What side of the nap u @?
  3. That's a month and a half? Wow! What light are you using. Light is the most important ingredient in growing. It's obviously way too far from the plant since the plant is stretching that far. Are you watering them? How much and how often. What is your soil type? What are you using for nutrients? Need more info.

    Also, go into the grow journal of some of the fine folks here and read how it's done. I've gotten so much information for my grow by reading other people journals, it's mind boggling.
  4. i got a 200 watt light i water them two to three days but i spray some water on it twice a day i use miracle gro liquid all purpose plant food i got the light on from 8 to 8 i dont know what type of soil but it has white phom things in it and it is only comeing out wit three leafs i dont know what to do iam so far along. but the seeds was from other weed if u know what i mean thay wasnt great seeds just test seeds.lotofmaryjane
  5. i live near 10th street and shermen where u from.lotofmaryjane
  6. You need to do alot more research, you can't use regular light bulbs. Fluorescent's will work but HPS and MH are the best. You also shouldn't be using MG nutrients. Your plant is stretching like crazy because you have the inproper lights.
  7. lol for real? heh, you live like 5 minutes away from me

    ((im by sherman and hanna)) ((beech grove park area))
  8. thats cool well then i got like 8 dollers in my poket do u know any where i can get a good light cause i dont have the right one.lotsofmaryjane
  9. lol yeah... You know Ace Hardware on ehh.. Madison and Thompson? You can get 2 GOOD CFL's for $10 ((or 1 for like $4))
  10. really that cheap k iam goin to have to do that and do u know good nutes there.lotsofmaryjane
  11. Sup... get your self sum floz, light bulb.. normal house like are no good... once u get da Flos bulb, keep it inches away from da plant..pzz..n goodluck..
  12. not enough light, u should buy a hps

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