growing shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by crisco, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. can someone give me a link to an instructional site? I dont want to buy anyhting special.. I once read a thing just using fresh shrooms, an aqarium thing, rice cakes and a syringe? something like that. the quiclker the better.. thanks
  2. ^^^

    Read as much as you can at the Shroomery and take notes. :D I'm getting ready to get mine going, just waiting on my prints.
  3. good luck, and go with casings if you weren't already, its just so much more for such little work lol

  4. quite the oppostie infact... with the expection of some dry spells :D

    I've just begun a new campagin to get people to use the search button, I've seen a lot of people complaining about how all the threads are just the same questions over and over, and seeing as how I'm a mod, I think I play some sort of responsiblity in keeping you blades happy.

    If everyone used the search button, there would be a trastic cut in related threads, making more room for newer content that helps makes the city what it is
  5. Exactly, cow!!! Very well put! :D

    With that in mind, I'm moving this to General since it has to do with a drug other than MaryJane.

    Good luck with the shroom project. It's really quite easy! :)

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