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    I put one seed in one small cup of water and filled it half way, for about 30 seeds for the germination does this sound good so far? what should i change?

    Can anyone tell me the wattage of lights im going to need per plant? is fluorescent the best choice of light? How close should i keep my lights to the plants?

    How do i know if the seeds are dead? are they dead when they go to the top? or are they dead when they are at the bottom of the cup?

    What should i keep at the right the Ph etc.

    What is curing? i have heard of this and im not sure what it is if anybody could explain that would be great!

    Should i use fans? should they give cold air or warmer air? What other things should i use?
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  3. My best answer for you friend is to go to barnes and noble or another commercialized book store and pick up a cannabis grow book and read it from beginning to end before you even think of sprouting... do not sprout in a cup of water I know this works and people use it.. but it is not the best. You should use the paper towel method... Please search the site with your questions in the search bar or use google before rambling multiple questions.. people want to help here but you are helpless if you haven't made your own steps of knowledge first

    look into HID(high intensity discharge lighting - High pressure sodium/ Metal halide

    Ph is 5.8 in hydroponics and 7 in soil with changes being no big deal as long as they stay within about .8

    curing is the process of drying your harvested bud and when completely dried upside down.. you would put them in cans or jars with a air tight lid giving them a few hours of air a day for a month or so and leaving them to get better and better kinda like wine

    plants should be kept at no more than 80 degrees F in day, and around 58-75 at night..
    fans can help you filter your air in, out, and around, when a lightly blowing fan is put directed towards your plants they will build stronger stems and branches

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