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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kro-Nesis, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. I know I may be a pain, but I wanted to ask some other question. I really want to get this sh*t right the first time. Me and my homie have this closet space that is empty and it's about 4ft wide and about 9-9.5ft high. It has two shelves one is taller than the other. But what I am asking if we setup shop in there with two 65w Bronze Fluorescent bulbs will this be okay, or should I use a halogen flood light 120v/500watts lamp, or a Halogen 120v/150watt lamp? I guess the electricity cost is a factor. Which we be better for the plants AND the electric bill? We are looking at growing about 6 plants.

    Also what if I just used some sterile soil, peat moss, cow manure and 100% spring water, will this produce bad, good or great results? Or what type of plant food would you recommend? We have collected about 350 seeds from different strains, most of the seeds are still whole and brownish, are they any good to use?

    Holla back at me when you get a minute.


  2. sorry i don't have a lot of time at the moment, as i'm just about to go to a gig.....the best light to get is a HPS high pressure sodium can veg and flower with this one light, to keep the cost down rather than getting both a MH, metal halide and the hps.....the halogen will kill you're plant, do not use it.....i'll sent you a grow guide when i get a it carefully and refer to it as you go along...hope it helps you....Peace out.....Sid
  3. check you're pm box, i posted a grow guide for you.....Peace out....Sid
  4. Halogens don't work good, wrong wave length that the plants can't use. You need at least 125 watts of fluoro per plant to get a good growth not a leggy spider looking thing. Invest in good lights such as a 400 watt hps. Look in the links section here for inside sun co. and you will find good cheap lights.
  5. Sid you mind sending me that grow guide also..
    I have about 24 1 week old plants under24/7 flouro now.
    Tuesday i should get my 250hps
    im useing a double door metal cabinet with removeable
    Any advise would help
  6. is 250w enough for 24 plants? how have you got them spaced? I've only got 6 plants under my 250w...

  7. Sorry dident mention.
    Right now I have them under 1 4' 3 bulb flouro,
    plus a compact 100w(26w)
    The 4' light is layed at a angle in the metal cabinet
    the cabinet is 3'Wx2'Dx6'H
    Im only using 2x2x3 of its total space
    till I get my 250 tueday then it will be added.
    Also I dont plan on keeping all 24.
    Im gonna do some weed-da-baitment :)
    I also have another 4' 2 bulb shoplite I can use
    but dont plan on useing it. maybe for cloning
    Right now I have them on 24/7 they are pretty big
    for flouros from what I have seen.
    only 1 week old and all are going on there 2nd set of
    single leaves
    Im growing 2 kinds of bag seed. some have big fat leaves about 3 inches long and 1/2" wide..
    1 had alot of seeds in the bud. Do you guys think if I kill all males before they drop their load that I can save them from the seed prob?

    Figured I'd post here instead of wasting a new thread.

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