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    my plant is about 10 days old and is its second set of textured leaves are still quite small its about 3-4 inchs tall but all together its pretty small im usiing good soil i know this but i dont think my light is to good of a light its a floresent 120 volt 14watt 2700k light with about 640 lumens is this good or should i use a different light?? also i just started using nutrients for my plant im using the miracle grow liquid houseplant food added to a quart of water is this ok? any tips or suggestions would be highly apprichiated thanks.

    also here are some pictures of my baby and light and nutrients.



    my baby1.jpg

    my baby2.jpg
  2. You say it's "good soil", but what kind is it? I see lots of little sticks in it. Is it compost from your yard or something? "Good soil" should have something in it to help prevent the soil from becoming compacted, which hinders the ability for the roots to spread out. I use perlite and sphagnum peat moss to keep the soil nice and light.

    Seedlings don't need a lot of nutes right away. In the past, I've grown seedlings in a small Jiffy Peat pellet for 3-4 weeks without ever adding anything but pH neutral water.

    What is the N-P-K values of your Miracle Grow juice? I've got some of that at home and seems like I recall that the values are all pretty high, so when you do start using the nutes you'll need to dillute it down with lots of water.

    Need more light that 14w, I'm afraid. It might be ok for the next few days but real soon you'll need at least 100 watts of actual light per plant. :smoking:
  3. i dont remember the soils name unfortuantly enough but i know it has perlite and peat moss in it also here is the nutrient information

    Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food 8-7-6

    total nitrogen.... 8%
    1.2% ammoniacal nitrogen
    1.2% nitrate nitrogen
    5.6% urea nitrogen
    available phosphate 7%
    soluable potash 6%
    iron 0.10%
    0.10% chelated iron
  4. Your biggest issue right now is your lighting. Go get 2-3 CFLs, you want 5000-6500k bulbs, (daylight or bright white). As the plants get bigger, add more bulbs. Your MG fertilizer will work, but add it cautiously. Plants don't need nutes until they have their 4th or 5th set of leaves. Another light alternative are T5 floros. A little more expensive, but good quality light with low heat.
  5. That plant is too young for fertilizers. You wouldn't give your 10 day old child steroids would you?
  6. Your soil does look kind of tight..
    I don't know about those nutrients, its probably shocked from overnutting, flush it and use only water until it recovers..
    I used a miracle grow that was 20-0-0 and had good results..
    get some CFLs, 6500K..

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