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  1. I'm a new grower been doing alot of reading thnking of purchasing a super closet because i am not good at setting up things and don't have the time or patience here are the spects 61"h x 15"w x 24"d plan on growing 8 plants 4 nl 4 pineapple express all feminized seeds using c02 probably 5-10 lb tank 250-400 hps lighting reverse osmosis water filer just wonderng should i go with 400 hps or 250 hps lighting for my spects and does anybody have a ballpark figure of what the yields can be
  2. 8 plants I would go with a 600 watt light set up, minimum 400 watt set up. For HID lighting you want about 75 watts per plant from what I read.
  3. okay thanks
  4. Run the most light that you can cool to mid 70's. If you put 1000w in there, and can cool it to mid 70's in the box, then 1000w is best. More light=more bud. Getting 1/2 a gram per watt is considered doing pretty good. You can get more than that, but it'll take some experience. Best of luck sir.
  5. thanx im just not trying to over due it i guess the super closet helps reflect light in there i dont want to bake the plants and you guys know prices for like 400w hps they want an additon 150 to upgrade to 250 w
  6. Go to ebay and look for a store called gyosupples. You can get a 400w mh/hps in a cooltube for 224 shipped.
  7. How much is this setup you're looking at? You know you can probably put together something better, for cheaper in almost every case.
  8. it's about 2200 or a little more i'm no good at setting shit up plus i'm goin in with a friend so about 1,1000, then we'll upgrade to a 16 plant one and have 24 at a time i think i'ma buy a 400 w lighting system for this one i don't want to over due it
  9. 2200!!!??? Holy shit dude you could get a used car for that!

    Get a 4x4 tent, a 1000w light, or 2 600s, couple fans and some ductwork and follow the instructions listed all over this site. You can do this for less than $700 probably. Man whatever you do don't pay 2200 for that thing it is an absolute scam.
  10. i'm bad at putting shit together but i may consider it besides it's only 1100 a piece and if i can get 2 oz out of each plant that'll be more then double wut i put in for they can go for 20 a g where im at 560 an oz broken down u can do the math and the machine is only 1200 before all the extra shit i'm gettin to it c02 equipment water filter etc etc
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    Man I grew 9oz in a 2x4 tent, (it sets up as easy as a tent), w/ 2 plants a piece of chicken wire, some zip ties, a $200 light and 2 5 gallon buckets w/ wal-mart $6 air pumps. I've got less than 600 in the whole setup including the nutes and ph and ppm meters. Seriously man. I'm not good at setting shit up either. It's as easy as making a ham sandwich. You can see the whole thing in the link in my sig. I will personally help you and answer any questions I can just to make sure you don't spend $2200 unnecessarily.

    Also, I don't use any CO2, and I use regular tap water.
  12. ok yea im considering it cuz im lookin at preassembled tents already where i could do more plants at a time for less den dat only question is how to keep odor out and temperature perfect
  13. Fans and filters. If your fan is strong enough to suck the sides of the tent in a little, that means no air is escaping through the cracks. Negative pressure if your friend. I run a 400w in a 2x4x7 tent w/ a 170cfm can fan and filter and an inline duct fan to cool the light. Keeps it in the 70s. Dude it's so much easier than you think. The best thing to do is research alot before you even start so you can avoid the learning curve and just do it right the first time.

    You're obviously willing to invest, so I'd just keep it simple and decide what outcome you want, then start building your setup based on that.
  14. kool man thanks alot i'm doing some more research now on setting it up i did before priced things out but i like the fact supercloset stuff was automatic but i'm def checking things out again right now because i can probably do more than double the plants for that set up price

  15. Exactly. Look through the indoor growing section for journals. Most everyone there is pretty helpful. Find one that looks like something you wanna do and just copy it. That's what I did and it worked for me! I've done 3 grows now, 1 plant-2.75oz first time, 1 plant-5.5oz second time, 2 plants-9oz third time. I'm getting a bigger light, 600w, for my next go around and I'm shooting for 12-13 from 2 plants. It's an awesome hobby dude you're gonna end up addicted to growing.
  16. yea i'll def check into thanks alot
  17. If he has the room 2 600 watt digital ballast light set ups would be the way to go, more efficient on lumens per watt of electricity being used. One thing I heard from a number of people I know is that the digital ballasts are more energy efficient then the older style magnetic ballasts.
  18. ok so i may set it up my self using a 5x5 grow tent could someone explain to me what exactly i would need i'm thinkg i want 2 superponic 16 plant systmes in there probably 2 400w hps lights or 2 600 hps lights not sure co2 kit 10lb c02 what size carbon filter should i get? and how do i set that up with ducting and also wut size fan should i have in a room this size also any suggested nutrients to buy if i set this up i probably will grow nl,pineapples express,og kush, and mayb white widow 4 8 in each tray so if any one is a pro at this please tell me exactly what i'll need and how to do this
  19. ok after ppl conviencing me not to buy supercloset i decided i will buy and make my own

    Stealth 200, Reverse Osmosis System
    Grow Room Tent, 4' x 4' x 7'
    C.A.P. AIR-3 Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Control
    Sunlight Supply 600 Watt Economy Grow Light System Yield Master II Classic, 4" Air-Cooled Optional
    100 CFM, 4" Filter/TD Series Fan COMBO
    CO2 Tank, 20 lb
    l CO2 Injection Regulator Kit (.5-15 CFH)
    Sentinel Expansion Regulator
    6" 2 Speed Air King Fan
    Active Air Thermometer Hygrometer
    24 hour Digital Timer, DUAL outlet 120V
    $14.99 1 $14.99
    4" Non-Insulated Flex Duct Ducting, 25 ft
    t Volt Power Cord 240 Volt, 6 ft
    420 Scope
    Air-Cool Fitting 4"
    Drying Rack, 27" x 27" x 6
    2" Net Pot Lid
    Sunlight Supply 2" Net Pot
    16plat superponic system
    10 northern light seeds
    5 pineapple express seeds
    and 5 other free seeds

    that is wut i plan on purchasing should i be good?
  20. I would check Ebay for an RO system, I`ve seen them their for around $100.00 as for the 420 scope its 60-120X and I had one just like it and ended up returning it as it was to powerfull, a cheap 30X scope will work fine. I dont know much about Co2 nor do I know anyone who uses Co2 not sure you would even need it if you vent the heat out and draw in cool air. Whats the t Volt Power Cord 240 Volt, 6 ft for? Are you planning on getting a 240 volt ballast for your light set up? As for drying rack I made one out of a cheap portable closet from Wal Mart, some wood dowels, string and some wire to hold the dowels in place total cost about $30.00 rounded off. What website are you looking up for stuff on?

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