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  1. Intro: Ive grown once before and everything looked perfect until things got sketchy and I had to pull the plants early. Because of this I never got my final 2 weeks of using normal water so the plants still had the nutrients in them, and ruined them :( I went out and upgraded a bunch of my supplies and methods and giving it another shot.

    Problem: The problem is after a few days of breaking ground, all my sprouts wither up, fall over, and die. This has happened with 4 straight batches of seeds. Two of the batches were notsogood of seeds but the other 2 batches I know were good so dont think its the seeds?

    Setup: Im growing in an upstairs bedroom. I have 3 fluroescents next to each other and my plants start in solo cups. I keep them within 6 inches of the lights. I keep the temeprature 73-78 the whole time and humidity is 40-55. Lights on 24/7. I use a fan that runs 30min 4 times a day. They all sprout and get 4 leaves then a day or two later fall over and die. Im using organic peat moss and I use distilled water , no nutrients for a few weeks of growth.

    Conclusion: Any questions feel free to ask me. I'm just not sure exactly whats the problem here.
  2. r yhu using nutes
  3. No I wasn't planning on using any till a few weeks into my plants lives. Should I be using them already?
  4. You must realize when a seed pops out, it has virtually not much root yet. Keeping them in a cup that may be 10 times taller than the plant, I think you will have to follow the following rules:
    Your light(s) are 6 inches from the plant. You only have the fan going two hours out of 24 hrs a day. Heat can build up from the lights... and not only affect the plant, but also the will dry out quickly while the roots are may only be 1/2" deep thereby not get the moisture it needs.
    My suggestion is to keep the top of the cups moist... and of course you will want drain holes in the bottom of the cups. You never stated the media you are using.

  5. To answer the questions I saw. I keep them in a cup for the first few weeks then I transfer them to much bigger pots. Is 6 inches not good? Is 2 hours not enough? I have a thermometer/hygrometer that lets me know the temperatures and I dont let it go past 80 tops? I have drain holes. The tops of the soil are clearly still moist when these sprouts are falling over. Media Im using?
  6. What is the medium you are growing in? What kind of soil?
  7. Some organic peat moss. Im not real familiar with different mediums but I used peat moss last grow and it worked fine.
  8. i wouldnt use any nutes till after a couple weeks maybe 3 because using it at a earlyy age would cause them to grow for a couple days but then the leaves would strt curling up towards the stem..and later fall over and die...happened to my babies
  9. You don't want your light further than 4 inches away, you can check out the guide. Also try using a mist sprayer when they are young on the top level of dirt
  10. @SmokeThatGanja: Already said I DONT use nuetrients the first few weeks so thats not causing the problem.

    @GanjaGremlin: I spray the plants each day to keep them moist and looking good. Not a full water just a spray.

    Not heard anything that could be the cause of my plants falling over and dying yet.
  11. Brainstorming takes time.

    I "germinate" a very simple way, similar to what I think I gathered from your posts. Seed goes into prewatered solo cup with happy frog. My temp varies more then yours, both higher and lower. So i'd doubt heat/nutes are the prob anyway.

    Best guess I can come up with, is it's the lack of exhaust. Sure it may not affect heat but without exhaust running an active intake can't push fresh air into the grow and things don't live long without freshair
  12. I'm beginning to think its a simple lighting problem.

    I originally bought some sort of white fluorescent and not sure what the lumens/color temp on it is. I realized I needed more lighting so bought 2 more lights that I found out cause the plant to flower so wrong lighting spectrum and was killing my first 2 sets.

    I then bought 2 more white lights that are 3150 lumens and 4100k color temp. Idk what this means exactly but its a little red compared to the white one I have so Im assuming these 2 are killing my sprouts as well.

    I believe all I need to do is get more white fluorescents though I wouldn't know exactly what lumens/color temp.
  13. Me neither off the top of my head, a fellow rookie, but it is spelled out for us on here somewhere as to which light to use. Really wanna say 6500k but....bad memory and all.
  14. What kind of flos you using? CFLs, T-5s, T-8s, ect. You want 6500k for flower and 2700k for bloom, reguardless.
  15. Oooops 6500k for veg.
  16. ^^ Was gonna ask what bloom was haha.

    But yeh idk what kind im using? They are just the 48" fluorescents i use 2 bulbs per light.
  17. Are you using a dome at any time during this process? I can tell you I had a few problems in that direction with clones several years ago. They all fell over and the stems were would just not hold up the plant. In my case, I was shocked when I put a hygrometer inside the dome and saw it was 99% humidity. I used to spray the plants with water, as well as the inside of the dome so they had lots of humidity..... well it turned out they had TOO MUCH humidity.... I now vent the dome don't spray the clones with anything.... only spray the soil without touching the plant at all. No more problems since then.

  18. well try these

    >>>>Water Stress: Over or under-watering will cause plant leaves to droop. An over watered plant has firm, downward curling leaves, while an under-watered plant looks wilted and dry.

    >>>pH of Root Zone: pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. In order for your plants to get all their nutrients, their roots need to have an environment with the correct pH. If the roots are exposed to the wrong pH, they won't be able to absorb all their nutrients and may start showing signs of nutrient stress. Therefore it's important to check and adjust the pH of your water to maintain a proper root pH.

    Irregular Light Cycles: Marijuana plants need 18+ hours of light a day when they're in the vegetative stage of their life, and a 12/12 light schedule when they are in the flowering stage. It's important that any 'start' and 'end' times remain consistent thorughout the grow. It's also imporant that the plants do not get any light during their 'dark period' of 12 hours during the flowering stage. When the plant gets light at inappropriate times, it's possible that the plant will turn 'hermaphrodite' (show signs of being male even though it's female). The light stress may also prevent the plant from providing the best yields even if it shows no symptoms.

    Plant Tissue damage: Any damage to the plant itself. Most times, if the plant is healthy otherwise, it will bounce right back from any physical damage. It's inevitable that you will eventually damage one of your plants, so don't beat yourself up about it too much.

    Root Health: Roots are the foundation of your plant, and it's important that your plant's root are given a proper environment. Roots can be hurt by light, physical damage, chemical damage, or certain kinds of bacteria. It's important to provide the roots with an environment where they have ready access to oxygen, water, and the right amount of nutrients. As I mentioned earlier, roots should be maintained in the correct pH environment to ensure proper nutrient absorption. It's a good idea to make sure the root zone never gets much hotter or colder than room temperature if you want to ensure that the roots are able to absorb the most oxygen out of the water. Maintaining a comfortable root temperature will also help prevent the growth of bad bacteria.

    Environmental Extremes: In general, your plant's grow area should feel comfortable to you at all times. You want to try to maintain a consistent temperature if possible. If you think your grow area feels stuffy, hot, or cold, your plant probably does too. There should be good circulation/airflow around the plants, and the humidity should never get too high or low. When there are extreme changes in the environment, your plant may temporarily stop growing. If the environmental extreme worsens or doesn't get better, your plants will start showing physical signs of stress and may even die.
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    I am having an issue so I could use some advise. What does it mean when some of my fan leaves are curling, drying, and breaking since they are bone dry. I don't think they are becoming overheated or underwatered. The soil was dry all the way through so I just watered it again. Is this a watering and heat issue or is this possibly a disease infected issue?

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