growing plants so close to each other that they join and become 1 plant?

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  1. i know it works with some or all trees. i am wondering if it would work with marijuana. has anyone ever tried this?

    i was thinking maybe putting the seeds 3/4 inch from each other? maybe like 3 seeds in a triangle? would this grow into 1 thick plant?

    just an idea:wave:
  2. Nope, just 3 plants sharing one pot.

    This is from a book by Jorge Cervantes

    Left to right; 3 plants in one pot, a topped plant, untopped and untrained plant

    View attachment 1068263

    3 plant pot:

    View attachment 1068267

    I don't recommend this to the beginner, but if you know what your doing, it can be done with success
  3. that looks to me like just 3 seeds spaced out in a pot, i meant more like 3 plants within a 1" in space

    something like this
    Inosculation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    maybe it is not possible, thanks for the info
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    Oh okay, that linked helped clarify. That is a good question, one I have no answer to.

    Maybe if you grew 3 plants out, very close to eachother. Then, slice away the outer layer of the stem and tie them together tightly.

    Just like if you were to break a branch, you could tape it up, and have the severed two ends heal themselves back together.

    Interesting thought
  5. i will be doing this next year, thanks for that. it will be like a horizontal graft perhaps
  6. I have no idea if that would work or be worth it, but it would surely be a cool experiment. I would do a side by side experiment. Be sure to start a thread, I would definitely follow
  7. well i have a ton of extra seeds, and i like to experiment. i might even do it now indoors if i can find a way to do so stealthily.
  8. You are missing two key points made in the Wikipedia definition you linked to:

    - It is a phenomenon with trees -- marijuana is not a tree.

    - Even after it happens it still is two trees -- they don't become one tree/plant.

    No it will not work with MJ. All you will succeed in doing is growing three miserable scrawny plants that are all starving because they are fighting each other for the same root volume.
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    A perfect recipe for failure.
    Plants need room to grow or will be forever stunted. You don' have much of a chance for success, but you could look into "approach grafting", but I don't know why anyone would waste the time on this with mj. One of the biggest problems beginners have is planting too many plants in too small of a growing area.

  10. i am obviously aware that it happens only for trees, i was using that as an example of what i was talking about

    where does it say they are still two trees, i think they become one from what i read, the article always refers to the conjoined trees as singular

    maybe it wont work, but i think its worth trying. i will grow 2 plants in seperate containers for a bit, when they are maybe 6 inches tall i will cut off the outer layer of the side of the stems and tape the plants together, move into 1 container.

    i will have to look up more on grafting
  11. i doubt it will work man but if you try it make sure to start up a journal and post results
  12. It is difficult and rare to have a truly unique, novel idea. Your idea has been thought of, many many times. Go ahead and try if you want, but it's been tried before. I'm not just spouting shit, I'm answering your question with what I know to be true. If you want to try it go right ahead...

  13. Look in Advanced growing techniques for Sea of Green. Similar principles.
  14. ^Sea of green has nothing to do with melding multiple plants into one. SOG is a technique of growing many smaller individual plants pretty much straight to 12/12 rather than putting fewer larger plants in the same space.
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    Same end result though, plants working together to support each others colas no? I know that I dont go right to 12/12 I let them get to about 4-6" above my container then flower.

    and the reason I said this biz, was that putting multiple seeds in the same pot isnt a feasible idea. Im sure you know the roots would become entangled and choke each other out. Unless they were spaced properly in a larger container like a big tote, but at that point you may as well do individuals in a SoG.

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