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  1. Hi, long-time reader, first time contributor.

    My apolgies for such a long winded first question but here goes…..

    …I am seeking the advice of my fellow stoners. I am due to help out a friend with his first time grow but have very little knowledge of such things…help!!

    It is to be a small domestic grow (minimal plants, looking to yield 3-4oz each harvest – enough for him and his housemate and a little for yours truly J) in an attic space (though one that is kept fairly warm.

    The intention is to have a small grow tent with carbon filter, fans etc with the hose staying internal (though it will be very close to a window which is open for several hours per night and sometimes during the day)….first question, will this work in terms of containing odours?

    He is planning on purchasing an ioniser air purifier as part of his set-up and placing this outside the tent, close to wherever the air comes out to try and aid in the no-smell quest. Second question, is this necessary, and would it work?

    His attic space is also his/his wife’s bedroom so I have warned him that I’ve read that the fans can be this the case, and will he get the hard word from the wife due to the noise? (it’s in my interests to ensure that his grow doesn’t get chopped down before it’s even begun…no smokes makes me a very unhappy chap L).

    Next, I need to find out about grow tents. I notice that they have holes in the sides and the roof, what are they all for? What goes in where and how does the air get in and out?

    I’ve been able to supply the soil, pots, feed, seeds etc but that’s my purchasing done. The next step is for his to complete his grow tent area.

    We have both been scouring the web for assistance (and occasionally porn but don’t tell anyone! ;) mmmmm……boobs!)

    Between us we have put together a list of items (all sourced at amazon to keep it easier for checking) that we THINK will be required but I want to ask all of you (especially you experienced old masters) if A) Everything on the list below is necessary, (B) If we have made the right choices, or if you think some or all items should be replaced with other ones…suggestions please if so. (C) If we have missed anything out, and if so…what?!

    He wants to keep it as a CFL grow, and is aware that it will mean a lesser yield but budget is a big issue. He’s stated many times that the main aim is to produce cheaply so on-going costs such as electric are to be kept at a minimum, as is the cost of putting together the grow tent set-up.

    The items listed below are all on Amazon uk and come in at under £200 which is all of his budget.

    I would really appreciate it if you could have a look and make any suggestions, comments etc.

    I really wanna help and get him growing (my wife works in the legal profession so there is no way I can do a home grow myself so this is the next best thing!). Any help would be very much appreciated and I vow that for every bit of info you give me, I shall take a toot in your honour!!

    Many Thanks

    Mr S Pliff

    TIMER =

    Powerplant Heavy Duty 24 Hour 15 Minute Grow Light Timer 600W Hydroponics

    · Heavy Duty 24 hour Timer

    · Built in contactor

    · Use for CFL/HID growlight

    · 15 minute timing intervals

    · Can operate 6 x 200w CFL Lamps or 1 x 600w HID Ballast


    LIGHT =

    200w CFL "Dual Spectrum" Hydroponics Low Energy Grow & Flower Lamp, Bulb + E40 4.5m Light Pendant

    by Omega


    · 6400/2700k Spectrums (Grow & Flowering Stage)

    · Self-Ballasting Lamp - Just plug & grow, no need for expensive heavy ballast.

    · 8,000hrs active life - 4 x longer than HPS Lamps

    · Includes E40 Light Pendent 4.5m cable



    Lumii Maxii Hydroponic Grow Tent Light Reflector Kit Shade With 2 Hooks & 4m HID Cord Set
    The Lumii Maxii light reflector is a Dutch barn style reflector, which is very simple and easy to use, unlike other lighting equipment the Lumii Maxii Reflector has a unique lamp holder that's designed to fit all types of E40 lamps.
    All earth requirements are enclosed in the lamp holder, this is a safety feature that means there is no need for additional components. The reflector is lightweight, highly dimpled and polished, which allows for an even distribution of light and for maximum efficient.
    This reflector has a unique feature, with the purchase of a Lumii HID to CFL Converter kit, the reflector can be use with a warm or cool CFL lamp for the vegetative growth phase of your plants, you can then switch to a HPS lamp for the flowering phase, you can switch between the different lamp types by simply unplugging the converter plug and plugging it into the Lumii ballast. You can do all of this without taking your reflector down or changing it, no other reflector on the market allow you to do this.



    Sivitec 4 Way 5 m Extension Lead Surge Protector

    · 4 gang Surge protected extension lead 5m

    · Surge protected extension lead with integral neon indicator

    · Rated at 13A

    · Conforms to BS 1363/A

    · Wall Mountable



    Draper 31533 230-Volt 6-Inch Clip-On Fan

    · lightweight 1kg fan

    · heavy duty clip for flat surfaces such as office desks

    · 2 speed fan with tilt facility

    · double insulated, induction motor

    £15.98 (X2 = £31.96)


    4” 110 m3/hr Complete Hydroponic Fan Kit UK plug perfect for tents growing extract hydroponics

    · ST100 with UK Plug

    · Carbon Filter

    · 5m Alu duct

    · Clamps

    · Complete kit



    60X60X140CM Grow Tent Bud Dark Green Room Garden Hydroponics Box Mylar Silver

    · Size:60x60x140HCM

    · Completely Light-tight, waterproof and air-tight material.

    · White powder coated steel frame with steel hanger poles for carbon filter and lights installation

    · Velcro fasteners with heavy duty Zipper for eazy set up and down

    · Inlet/Outlet vents for fans.



    PureMate XJ-1000 Silent Ionic Air Purifier and Ioniser
    · No filter to replace, Compact - fits virtually anywhere, Keep air clean and fresh, Features a virtually silent operation.

    · Eliminate smoke smell, bacteria and mould, neutralize poisonous of harmful gas.

    · Dust collection plates absorb airborne contaminants, Uses no mechanical parts and saves energy

    · Use advanced electronic ionic air movement technology

    · Soundless design, no motor, Silent, cost efficient, Low power consumption only uses 3.4 watts


    Slightly over budget at £216.44 but not too bad for all that lot.

    Finally, is there a best place to purchase such things online?...if ordered from Amazon, will it come with a side order of police officers??


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