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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JohnnyBlunt, May 12, 2006.

  1. Me and a few friends (4 of us in total) are going to grow our own supply from now on. Our plan was on getting about 3 Kush plants and 2 Chronic plants (minimum). We will be ordering seeds online and have a perfectly secure location *knocks on wood* to grow it in. But before we go ahead and begin our project I had a few questions.

    How many ounces/grams can we be expecting from 5 plants?

    How much should I be expecting to pay for some Kush and Chronic seeds? (Our limit at the moment is about $50 for both types of seeds)

    Since we first need to get ahold of the seeds do any of you know of a reliable seed website that will ship to the US?

    These are all the questions i have at the moment. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank You and Good Luck

    Stay High

    - JohnnyBlunt
  2. From my experience, you can receive about an ounce, maybe an ounce and a half from 1 plant. So 7 1/2, 8 ounces tops, if they're all female...

    A 50 dollar budget won't get you very far, as seeds can range from $10 for 25 to $100 for 25. Prices vary with website.

    I'm not sure about reliable websites for seeds, you might want to check the mirrors here on GC.

    Hope I could help a little =/ good luck with your growing, it's really a simple plant overall!

  3. Yeah the budget is somewhat of a problem. But were all definetely willing to save up a bit more. The outcome will definetely be worth it.
  4. Good luck. :)
  5. not really trying to bust your bubble or nothing,,,, but growing pot should be the most private thing you do,,,, can you really trust your other 3 buddys,,

    what if one got popped for a traffic violation, and had a little weed on him,,,you think hed rat youll out,,,,,, the fear mounts,,,,,, and before you know it your pulling your shit up , just to be safe,,,,

    in the future keep it private!!!!!!!;)
  6. Echo what Chicken said. Even worse, all four of you are in a car, get pulled over, you each have a joint so they take you in. You get separated into four rooms, each is told that he gets a bargain if he rats on the others, but only if he is first. Hmmm, probation only or 2 years? And the clock is ticking.

    There's trust and then there's trust.

    As for seedbanks check out the link in my sig.

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