Growing Outwards Not Upwards!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by imbuninskunk, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. i need some help, im currently growin a plant, but its got to the top of the space it is in, and i dont have newhere else to put it, i have a friend who also grows and he told me, that it is possible to grow the plant outwards, rather than upwards if u set up the lights in the right place and stuff.can u give me some feedback on whether this is possible or not?
  2. you don't have to move the lights, what you wanna do is tie the plant down. It'll promote outward instead of upward growth as well as strengthening the stems. Do a search for tying down or training for some more info.
  3. actully a better way of doing it is by topping it cutting the growth on the top"where the leaves come from" this should not be done till the leaves come out to have five blades or grow it to the level you want it to stay at "also remember that when budding it will stretch taller by topping you will create more branches and this also means more bud because it turns from a tree to a bush if your still wondering how you will cut it use a box cutting knife and you will see two tiny leaves growing to the sides you cut in the middle of it all right across
    and take it easy with the ferts just let it heal up and it will grow from the sides in many directions then you can tie down from the sides to thicken up the branches.
  4. actually, u need to try all these methods, and do whats easier for u...



    and Topping.....

    u will find all these when u type the word in the search.....latezzz..

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