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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Big_Bud, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey, just wondering if anyone from the UK has done outdoor grows.
    If so what strains and what kind of results did you get.
    Also how did you look after them?
  2. It's really not worth it IMO. Even if the weather or bugs doesn't kill them, unless it's a totally secluded place, the chances of it being spotted or some kids stumbling upon your crop and demolishing it are high and aren't worth it.

    If you do try, go for an auto flower strain. Royal Dwarf or Big Bang are easy autos.

  3. Shhh it is easily worth it. I know someone who grew several lb outdoors last year. Autos are good but if you're looking for bigger yields choose something that will finish by mid october at latest, preferably mould resistant. You are pretty much looking at indicas.
  4. Yeah, you can pull it off, but IMO, the hastle isn't worth it *unless* you have a decent secluded space and a hell of a lot of good luck. The weather here is so unpredictable all it takes is one bit of snow or frost and the plants will either die or start rotting. I've seen some pretty monster pineapple express autos grown here in the uk which greatly surprised me.

    Id say autos are the best to use outside because the lack of light or changes in how much light the plant will get wont stress it or force it to flower.
  5. It's exaggerated IMO though, when is the last time we had snow later than March or earlier than November? Finding a place as you say is the hardest bit, not so bad for me because I live out in the sticks. Autos help that as well thanks to the short height and they aren't there for as long.

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