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Growing outdoors medically... is it allowed?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JCrohn, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Are you allowed to grow outdoors if you posess a medical marijuana card and you own the property in which it is being done upon? (Provided it is in an encaged fence with a lock)?

    I want to try doing both if i do grow my own.
  2. I don't see why it wouldn't be, but you'll have to check your state laws to be sure.
  3. Pretty sure If you own the property you will have no problems.
  4. I know somebody who had their medical recommendation and was following all the correct laws and was doing an outdoor grow. His nextdoor neighbor called the police saying his neighbor was growing marijuana in his backyard. The police showed up, the guy showed them his information, they checked out the grow op and it was all "to code" so nothing further happened.
  5. This:
    Also don't be greedy.
  6. I've been growing legally in my backyard in Cali. for about 10 years now. Several years back the neighbor kid stole some plants. The cops got them back for me! Check your local laws and BE CAREFUL.
  7. You should learn to share...
  8. Are you asking that he break the law and share his medication with non-patients?
  9. How do you know I don't share? I even share with the dipshit neighbor that ripped me off years ago. Now that he's an adult and isn't the evil teen he used to be (lol). Actually, he now grows his own (for his mom, medicinal) in his backyard and we give him pointers.

    Ok, so I'm a law breaker. I share a lot. I can't even remember all the poundage that I've given away over the years, both to patients and non-patients. It's tough to say no when I grow the stuff. Plus, in Cali., I can give away up to an OZ and just get a ticket if caught.
  10. Then share away man, I was just trying to get a few more words out of treesmoker.
  11. #12 calicheese23, Feb 20, 2009
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    They STOLE his plants

    To bad he wasn't out there with a loaded gun

    Stupid kids
  12. I was just kidding. I had no idea everyone in the forums was so serious...
  13. The Medical forums tend to be a bit more serious than the rest of the board due to the sheer legal ramifications.

    Personally, I like it that way. There's a place for joking around, and this forum isn't it.
  14. we arent a salty bunch, but when it comes to rippers and missing plants...

    there are some things you just dont really lulz over

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