Growing outdoors in the UK?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StonedBritain, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Can it really be done? even in the summer i'm not sure it gets warm enough or we get enough sun for a plant to grow healthy.

    Is there certain breeds that are suited to our climate?

    What soil/nutrients should be used?
  2. How cold is it there?
  3. yes it can be done....however it would be easier if you lived in England as up here in Scotland can be a bit too have to start off indoors and then transplant outdoors........i remember the cops found approx £50,000 worth growing on the banks of the clyde near clydebank when i was a kid......and i remeber seeing the pics and thinking how the hell did they get it grow, but it can be done......especially in England as it's a lot warmer.......Peace out......Sid

  4. Well England is pretty cold, its not just thats, the weather is so up and down, even in the height of summer the temp can fall as low as 60, then the next day it can hit 80/90. Is there any certain strains that are suits a cold climate?

    What sort of soil/compost should be used? and should extra nutes be added?
  5. yes ferts should be added to maximise the growth.......if your thinking of a good spot, try disused railway lines and even ones which aren't.....but stay well back from the track......nobody goes there.....Peace out......Sid

    ps growing outdoors in the u.k. is a big risk as you could loose your crop from a freak frost or a period of shitty weather......

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