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growing outdoors in pots or directly in the ground?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by yinyang, May 5, 2008.

  1. Im trying to decide whats better...growing outside in pots or digging a hole, adding topsoil and planting them directly into the ground.

    If they are planted directly into the ground there would be unlimited amount for root growth therefore the plants can become way bigger (from my experience)

    or if i put them in pots outside I can have them grow in a better soil of my choice (but i would have to water them more often i think)

    Im aware that if i plant them in the ground I need an area with good soil and i usually dig a hole then fill it up with top soil anyways but if i can use anything else to help for soil then please feel free to tell me hehe

    what are the pros/cons of growing in pots/ground outdoors?
    which method works better?
  2. Im not sure man Ive got pretty much the same problem. Earlier I took 3 of my babeis and transplanted them in BIG pots, which is where those will be till harvest. And ive got 1 in the ground at my location, and still 9 more in small containers over there that I have to do something soon cause the roots aare growing out the bottom. Think im gonna just get 10 gallon buckets and put the rest in so I can move them when they get another 1/2 foot to indivisual places throughout.
  3. If i were you i would plant them directly into the ground. In nature, that is how they survive and they will do the same in your scenerio.
  4. I would go for the pots, you never know about soil quality and plus it is always nice to beable to move you plants inside incase of flood or bad neighbors.
  5. i vote ground. Will grow a bigger plant, which increases your yield. the bigger the hole, and the more soil you add, the better the plant is and an even more increased yield.
  6. hmm got some mixed opinion in here.
    Ive always had success in the ground i was just wondering wehat the advantages would be to keeping them in pots. Maybe i will try some in the ground, some in pots and get back to yall!
  7. I just popped 2 of my plants in tha local soil... the soil is untouched by people and is so fertile that anything will grow in it (which is y i did it) you best bet is to go to where u are thinkin about plantin them, take a soil sample, if it is dark, fluffly, moist, not too leafy,sandy,rocky, or filled wit sticks it is good ;)
  8. Yea I bought organic miracle grow soil. I got to take the stuff to the place tommarow.
    I put 3 more in big pots. Because I start them in my backyard in small pots then take them to the site and put em in bigger ones
  9. It depends on what you care more about: bigger plants or being able to control the soil environment.
    In the ground you get bigger plants, but you risk ground-dwelling parasites fucking up your crop. If you go with ground, keep a close eye on your plants around the base and on the bottom of the lower fan-leaves.
    If you decide on pots, you can get good size plants with big pots (I use 15 gal. pots and get up to 1.5 oz a plant). Also, you have the option to move your plants inside when temperature starts dropping around harvest time. I lost half my plants a couple years ago to frost bight.

    Hope this was useful!
    :smoke: Keep Burnin'

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