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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. i thnk im gonna put the F13 clone i just got into this stuff, in a 5 gallon grow bag

    thanks for the heads up
  2. Kellogg is a big name in health (or was in his day). He designed a regimen of sleep, abstinance from sex, exercise, eating extremely boring food (he thought spice promoted sexual oriented behaviors), and regular enimas. I thought he was full of it, but now I realize he must have put people on these diet and exercise regimes to fill his little yellow bags up. Organic all the way!! I hope I can find some of this...

  3. im new to growing and i was wondering can i use this soil to start my plants in? i have seeds germinating and i want to prepare soil any help is appreciated :smoking:
  4. Yes, you can.

    And I did a check on where these products are distributed. If you can't find them at wally-world, it's probably because you aren't in their distribution area, which looks to concentrate on western North America. Some of us may be S.O.L. in finding this in our neighborhood. So thanks for gettin' me salivating, hashmouf :)D)... I knew it looked too good to be mine.

  5. Awesome. I picked up a bag of this at lowes today. My plants hated mg organic, hopefully this will do the trick :)
  6. Thanks for the info; Knowledge is a great thing, and the more the better;
  7. Yes Im sure they will love it, just use plain water for the first couple weeks then continue with your nutes.
  8. Yes Indeed
  9. yeah buddy :D
  10. hell yes this is exactly what i have been looking for, for my outdoor grow. Thanks Hashmouf! always helping out
  11. To use it outdoor I would add some peat moss and additional perlite, but yes other then that it should be great for your outdoor grow , glad to help out best of luck to you and your grow.

    Under the "Where to Buy" button on the left there is a nifty deal that tells you if it is sold near to your location.

    Internet has the answer.
  13. Thanks for the link bro very useful info. + REP
  14. hey hashmouf,
    do you think i could add water polymer crystals to this and use it for my outdoor grow? i am planting in 7 gallon pots and want to use this soil. Also, are there too many nutes in the soil to plant seedlings (1-2 weeks old) in it? thanks
  15. I would never add water polymer crystals to any soil they are very problem causing. For an outdoor grow I would add equal parts peat moss, it is very cheap and stores water very well another great product to add for outdoors is Vermiculite it too is very cheap and helps store water and nutrients.

    Yes this soil is completly safe for plants of all stages from seed to flower, its all organic so will not burn.
  16. got a quick question about organically growing. once flowering or on a 12/12 schedule, are nute schedules/amounts different if using organic nutrients?

    ..Still debating the "where" part of my growing..
  17. Why does it seem like some of you are busting Hashmouf's balls?!?! He put this post up to give us a hand and everyone is giving him shit. Before you say shit to him read his journals and check out his grows. He prob has more skill than all of you put together and you want to add your dumbass comments for what? So he can say "Fuck you guys! Figure it out on your own!" Great idea gang!
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  18. Yeah man, NP. Glad to help. After all, thats why we are all here. :wave:
  19. Hashmouf, what nutrients would you suggest with this soil? Also can you recommend a nutrient schedule? Thanks bro

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