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Growing on a budget ? Need a GREAT SOIL ? Check this out $5 a BAG !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hashmouf, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. If you are a new grower with a budget or even a Veteran grower with cash to burn, You MUST try this soil! It is all Natural and full of Organic nutrients plus it has perlite and Best of All it is only $5 bucks a BAG!!!! I picked it up at my local Wal-Mart , But it is also available at most Orchard Supply Hardware stores. So if you are looking for a quality soil that is very affordable grab a bag of this.
  2. ehhh i just hope those arent time release nutes
    which they peobably are
    be careful with that stuff man
    you might nuke your green

  3. Thanks but I know quite a bit about soil , I would not make a Thread suggesting others to use this soil without positive results.

    Here are some pics of my roots 1 week after transplant into 5 gallon pot.

    OUTGROWING the pot 1 week after transplant.
  4. Wow, worm casting, kelp, and bat guano all mixed in for that price? Any clues how much of those ingredients there are?
  5. that soil loooks hella sloppy wet at the bottom of the bucket.
  6. he prolly just watered

    on the other hand get a 26 cu ft bag of fox farm ocean forest itll cost you like 21.95

    itll have all the nutes you need untill flower itll neven lack nitrogen and youll be sure its organic

    i can mix u up a five dollar bag of patio plaus in my backyard with dogshit,cat shit and some dead things

    lol u dont know whats in that shit man you dont know its ph ull still need peritlite
    also fox farm is ph adjusted to 6.5-6.8 so u know ur right on in the soil department
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  7. i think its great..probably works just as good as ocean guys are just all about high end name brand stuff..which i bet they have the same stuff it them
  8. I have grown in soil for 12 years and I have used many different types and brands.

    I have used Fox Farm Ocean Forest many times, And I was not comparing Kellogg Patio Plus to FFOF but since you brought it up , This soil is very rich and quite similar to FFOF in texture and possibly contains more perlite then FFOF. I spoke with a friend of mine who says he uses "Kellogg Patio Plus" for every grow and it supplies plenty of nutrients for the first 30 days and further.

    I have a extensive knowledge of soil and soil amendments, I actually build my own soil that is far superior to any soil you can buy. So I am very aware of PH, I PH test every soil before my plants even touch it. The PH of this "Kellogg Patio Plus" soil is also adjusted and buffered to 6.5- 6.8 range.

    This thread was not intended to say that this soil is the best ever, But for the price and availability it is a great addition to any growers garden. The perfect soil for any new grower who needs a affordable soil that will perform well with no hassles. This is a far better choice then Miracle Grow!

    The evidence speaks for itself check out those roots the proof of a well balanced and nutritious soil.
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  9. Yeah Toasty this stuff is great, It does not specify the ratio of each ingredient but the performance has been astounding. I am very pleased in fact so pleased I intend to experiment with this soil for my entire next grow. I recently spoke with a colleague of mine who says Kellogg Patio Plus is great soil, he has used it for about 3 years with great results never any issues and a impressive harvest. So if you ever come across it pick a bag up and try it you will not be disappointed.
  10. Your butt cheaks look hella wet and sloppy :D

    Think before you post dummy, I just watered duhhhh:confused:
  11. Very good point, Some people buy in to gimmicks and brand name favoritism. But I make decisions on facts and proof.
  12. definitely looks like a good bang for your buck and the roots seem to enjoy it so why not. Good to know in case I run out of my own mix but I get promix pretty much free through a certain hook-up and I just add my own stuff to it. But if you are in a bind not a bad fall back and good to know it is at walmart.
  13. Yup same here I ran out of my specialized mix and needed a quick back up so I came across this read the bag and decided to give it a try. Turned out to be a great find.
  14. Nice sounds like good soil for the price, I use FFOF and feel pretty comfortable with it but I'll head to WM and pick a bag of that up for when I plant my veggies and give it a shot.
  15. i need to get this shit, im all about the budget

    i just got a bag of miracle grow organic, just b/c it was at home depot and cheap. how exactly does that compare to this, would you say?
  16. Oh man dude this shit is 500 trillion times better then that MG Organic crap! Keep an eye out if you see it get it and you will see the difference.
  17. will do for sure, thanks for the tip!
  18. Went to two Wally Worlds in my area and couldn't find this, and don't have the hardware store here you mentioned... :(
  19. Ya.. my local walmart garden center is pretty much empty except for patio furniture stuff. I guess I'll have to wait until spring for there to be various soils for sale.
  20. That sucks , But just keep it in mind for the future.

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