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Growing MMJ...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by god4gotmyname, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. When you grow marijuana for medical reasons, so you're liscenced, how easy is it for you to grow a little extra for yourself? Are you restricted on how many plants you can grow or anything like that? Do police watch you more, and are you subject to urine tests? (stuff like that)
  2. I would think it would all be for you. Or are you talking about growing commercially for a dispensary or something similar
  3. In order to grow ANY MMJ legally in California, you also have to be a patient, there's no such thing as "Caregiver" status anymore, it's up in legal limbo.

    Don't know about other states though.
  4. yeah, im talking about a dispensary sort of thing. ok, so lets say the caregiver status isn't available anymore. can you still have a medical recommendation that allows you to grow, grow like crazy, smoke a bowl or two a day, and sell a bunch for money? hope im not sounding greedy or anything, im just naturally curious:smoking:
  5. i dont get what your talking about...? growing mmj and selling it illegaly? that doesnt make sense and it wouldnt be mmj lol and talking about selling is agenst forum rules
  6. In Calfornia, MMJ is supposed to be non-profit. Clubs are supposed to be non-profits, and anyone who would want to make "mad-money" off of the backs of fellow patients isn't someone I would want to be buds with.
  7. I think he's talking about selling to dispensarys
  8. umm... (god4gotmyname stares off into space as he deals with rejection)
  9. In Michigan, caregivers can grow 12 plants per patient and can only have 5 patients. The caregiver can also have 2.5 ounces of smokeable/useable marijuana per patient.

    One patient can only have one caregiver.

    Police are not allowed to search your house based solely on the fact you are a patient and/or caregiver.

    The caregiver can have THC in their system as it is expect that the caregiver can be assisting the patient with ingesting the marijuana and have a contact high.

    Does this answer you question?
  10. It does! :D thank you.
    however, how can they be sure that you're not growing more than 12 plants per patient?

    no, no! I didn't mean that, i was trying to ask how easy it would be to do your job the legal and moral way, but then just grow an extra plant and smoke with it! like, according to Michigan rules, if you were growing 11 plants and you had one patient, would you be able to just grow a 12th plant and smoke with it. Sorry for my unclear message..
  11. Since its such a grey area, there really is no answer for that.. :rolleyes:
  12. lol, okay thanks everyone
  13. The only person who would know exactly how much those 12 plants yielded would be the grower, so taking a little off the top shouldn't really be an issue.
  14. yes. you can smoke your patient's marijuana without getting in trouble, as long as you don't smoke in front of cops. ;]
  15. Dude, since caregiver's are allowed to have THC in they're systems, and nobody knows how much yield you got, how would the cops know your taking a little to smoke yourself?

    Besides, 12 plants alone is enough to support 5 patients, let alone per patient, your gonna have a helluva surplus.:D

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