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  1. I am thinking about growing marijuana outdoors, i wouldnt sell it or anything it would just be for me and my friend. I live with my parents so im not totaly sure if i could pull it off, is it possible? I was just wondering if it was worth it to grow your own. How many grams do you get from one plant? How long would it take to grow and harvest the weed, and is there weed that doesnt have to be in extremely hot weather.
  2. well growing outdoors you will harvest in October. Ive seen almost nothing come from some plants and ive seen 5-9 oz from very good ones. As far as the low temp plants look for some Alaskan strains. I can imagine since they are native to Alaska they would grow in a cooler climate.
  3. read read read read and then read some more.then you will be able to answer your own question
  4. how come you harvest in october? because it would be cold outside by then

  5. Nevermind..

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    Depending on your location, in late summer your plants will only receive 12 hours of sunlight which mean they will flower and they will be done a month or two later (varies from strain to strain). many factors are in play and you need to study more. Good luck
  7. You can definitely grow outside. It's just trickier when it comes to keeping things secure, in my opinion.

    Advanced Nutrients has three different outdoor nutrient options - Spring, Fall, and Summer, from what I can tell. I haven't actually used them, but it sounds like there's a formula for every time of year.

    If you're trying to sneak a grow in front of your parents, that sounds like you're doomed to fail, I think. That's not going to fly and you're going to get your parents in trouble if you get busted for it. That'll get you kicked out. LOL

    As for how much you'll get, it depends on how well you grow. Personally, i think outdoor growing should be better since that's the natural envrionment of plants, but when you grow indoors, you can control more of the variables that hold back super harvests.

    good luck.....

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