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growing marijuana in a tree

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by hd2, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. After trying to thinking of a safe way to grow with out anyone stumbling upon our grow we came up with the idea to plant up in a tree.

    Our first plan of action was to find an area with the features that we were looking for: away from people, easy to climb tree, not far from us, and unable to be seen from distance.

    Since we didn't know of any areas we google earth searched our location and looked in the wooded areas around. Once we were set on a place we went back to investigate...... we found a tree climbed it with somewhat ease. Next day we gathered supplies and went back to start our grow.

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  2. we planted on 4/20 and six days later is has grown about one and a half inch out of the ground. I have noticed bugs around the buckets and i'm wondering how to prevent them from feasting upon out plant?
  3. that's a cool idea, but im pretty sure you shouldnt put more than one plant in a pot

    the roots will tangle and fuck them up
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    i had planted three seeds in just to make sure that one would sprout. but all three ended up sprouting so soon i'll take two out and move them to other buckets that i'm going to put up soon
  5. yeah no more then one seedling for a pot or quickly move them when they sprout.

    also is in a tree such a good idea??? i remember a guy had started a outdoor journal just before i started mine and he had plants up in a tree. Think they lasted about a week and he came on here not long after that posting that the birds had made a hell of a mess of his setup and wrecked his plants also i think one of the plants fell out of the tree too.

    not only will the birds and bugs wreck your plants but the wind blowing the tree will destabalize everything.
  6. Ya Mr. lots did a tree grow abotu 5 years ago, he got bud but not much...plus he says growing in a tree is ten times more work then growing on the ground but good luck!!!...ver interesting thread you have....but I would suggest you camo those pots a little better dude...

    stay safe

    Mrs. Lots
  7. currently we have three on the ground and two in the tree but good point about the birds eating one of them does anybody have any ideas how to prevent that??

  8. chicken wire is all i can think of right now.... also definitely take them pots and camo them up better.
  9. im going back tomorrow to check in on things and add camo to the buckets and also chicken wire. i should have new pictures up by tomorrow
  10. I've thought about this before since i don't have very much yard space..

    it seems like it would be too much work.
  11. If you have the energy to do it, then go ahead. If you're lazy... not a chance. I've done two tree grows successfully with very high yields. You can't beat the sunlight.

    I found a tall pine tree and climbed up about 40-50 feet every week to water and check on it. Heres a pic of the plant I just started growing.


    Good luck
  12. WOW! I have totally been thinking in a box. The bugs and bird posts worry me from trying. But, I think I have a perfect tree in my back yard that "hollows" in the middle and is VERRRRYY thick on the outside (even in the winter). You couldn't tell a thing from the ground... but it would be in veiw if a lineman ever working on our transformer...

    It's risky... but it's not. It's probably way to close to home... but this is definetely an idea I'm going to look into for the future. .... not at home though, come to think of it.

    What are the most common ways of fighting bugs in normal outdoor grows?
  13. its really not too much work. i go about every other day and climb up, which takes me maybe 30 seconds, water it and climb back down. only hard part is the set up, but once that is done your pretty much set. i went back today and the sprouts were still there. so i pulled out the others and left the biggest one in the middle. also i took netting and pulled it over the bucket for a short term fix for birds.

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  14. Intriguing :cool:

    Definitely watching this one. Do you climb when your high?
  15. i went back today to check in. there are two buckets in the tree. one has a sprout that is about four maybe five inches and has six individual leaves. two of which have two little ones growing off them, another two are just normal and two more are round. the other bucket hasnt changed. not sure whats going on with that one....
    i have made a tent around both buckets to keep bugs and birds out. i used this mesh-ish material that i found in my art class today. we are planning to add two or three buckets to the tree by the middle of next week. pics will be updated soon.
  16. Heres and idea:

    Tie down your plant (like low stress training), and make sure even the buds are protected...that would keep a low profile and keep animal out....bugs i dont know anything about...
  17. I must be really high, but your really growing in a tree.........haha. Thats good stuff I hope this turns out well. :hello:
  18. Right now the plant seems very weak. I was wondering if there is anyway to help it stand up until it gets strong enough to support itself.

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  19. Yes. Take that net off and let it get some wind. This will stiffen the stalk.
  20. Can't take the net off. Insects and birds would eat it

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