growing in september.

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  1. i have just a couple more noob questions since i am new to growing. first off, i have about 4 plants all female, (they just revealed sex)and im growing them in just one 10" pot. is there any way i can move these without hurting them? or is it fine to just leave them in the one pot? also is the flowering season over? here in VB it usually doest get under 70 until about october. but is it too late? i would be very happy if anyone could help with these questions.
  2. how big are they?

    id say leave them, its pretty late in the season so they wont get too much larger, if they showed sex you will be fine, they will finish budding for you before it frosts, probably about 6 weeks from today.

    good luck bro post some pics!
  3. thanks alot man. i will post pics as soon as i can.
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    10" is pretty small! Your plants won't grow big or flower well since they're root bound!! Avoid separating them now (roots are too intertwined) but you can:

    - put them in larger pot (cut older pot to not harm if you can't just put it upside down to remove it). Like 2 gallons is good.

    - Put them in soil after removing pot. Unloosen the roots at bottom of chunk so they can dig more easily.

    - Cut out bottom pot only if you're worried and dig hole with good earth and place cut open pot.

    - Do either in evening or night as plant's activity slower then.

    - Season isn't over yet. Let it bud until mid Sept / end Sept / mid october about according to how you want your bud. Earlier you get cerebral high (and a little less weed!). Later (buds will be darker), you get more stony high (couch lock blabla...). If too late, bud is rotten (like a fruit). So if your region is temperate, Sept 25 about seems good. Best is to look with magnifying glass for trichomes (clear/cloudy/dark). You want the cloudy ones I guess.

    basically, when you see you got enough take it and dry it and smoke it!

    Have fun!
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    I like my trichomes about one third to one half amber, takes a bit longer than Sep 25, probably the middle to end of October - but I have no frost problem.
    And I use a small pocket microscope to observe the trichomes. Bought for a few euros online.
    But you have left it so late to grow, werejust, I really doubt you will get anything at all.
  6. really cantharis? end of october seems a lil late like the trichs would be mostly amber by then right? or maybe its different here in cali i see your in spain lol.... well my big momma plant is flowering quite nicely right now and gettin frosty...i was thinkin shed be done like october 1st (ish) what do you think cantharis
  7. here in Virginia it doesnt stay too hot in october, is it important that it gets a certain temperature or will mid 60's-80's be ok?
  8. my plant is about 1 ft tall and it recently showed little buds in the center of the top
    just got out 3 leaf stage
    o yeh its in a dixie i started in like june lol this was like a bullshit gro
    live inDC

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