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  1. I recently just moved to the island of puerto rico. There is this concrete house right next door to me, has been abandoned for 8 years. Has no roof, lots of vines and plants growing on the cement floor. No one ever come's by it. So i was thinking this will be perfect to grow my plant. lots of sun. No way to prove it is mine. I was thinking at 3 am i would water the plants as it is very dark and no one will be able to see me climb over my fence. The neighbor from way behind that house lets his horse come in to eat all the grass in the backyard of the house. the man never walks near the house itself. the bathroom part of the house would be perfect.

    So i bought some autoflower seeds. this will be my first grow. So any one has any experience with this climate? It is always hot here, at night it cools down to 70 degrees. I am going to plant it in a 3 gallon pot. Can i just throw the seed in there or do i need to germinate it and put it in a solo cup type deal. How many seeds can i plant in one 3 gallon pot. I will be looking for bat guano and organic soil. As for bugs, there are snails around my house, i think some fireants, i saw this big dirt mound on that backyard. mosquitos. Some stray dogs in the street, but i doubt they will eat my plant lol, i can always fence the room off. i read molasses were good to get rid of the bugs. any other suggestions.

    thanks for your inputs
  2. He man, I don't know much about the climate in Puerto Rico
    but what you trying to do , sounds like a real adventure.Good Luck !!!
    By the way, germinate your beans (check the forum ) and use one seed
    in one pot. If you don't the roots of the plants will fight with each other
    for space.
    Ps. check the law in P.R. in case you getting in trouble growing in other
    peoples property. If I where you ,I go for a much safer place. Mind ,
    in such country's there is always someone hiding in the bushes to see
    what u been up to!!
    Stay safe Stachi from southern Spain.
  3. well no one will see me growing it in that house, so no way to prove i am the one who put it in there. thanks for the advice. they owners left that property there, 8 years they never came back for it. i been watching to see if any one even walks in there. I will plant everything at night at 3 am and do everything at that time, since people here sleep early. everything will be stealthy
  4. Then good luck my friend!! Keep us informed (some pics would be really! nice)
    Ps. I was wondering where Bilbos ring went ,now I know why u are invisible [​IMG]
  5. Hey get a tropical strain like mango or something....Im telling you!...not that I have any experience growing but it just sounds dank, LOL....BUT DUDE is the house just foundation? like could the horse get in? cause the horse would smell the plants and go crazy and eat that shit quicker than you can take a piss...just saying lol. Good luck with that though sounds perfect.
  6. Yes it has a foundation. Has all the walls and rooms. Best part i found was to put it in the bathroom part of the room, since the window hole sits up high. The house has no windows or doors. the horse could walk through that open back door, but i doubt he would go in there. he is tied up anyway. cultivation here gets you 12 years, so i will be very careful, i live on a dead end street, so no traffic ever passes by.Where would i get a mango strain sounds yummy.

  7. Molasses has sugar so I don't think it will help with bugs at all.. If anything it will make it worse.. You can get some type of sand and cover the top layer of soil.. It will keep bugs from laying eggs in the soil and keep your roots safe..

    The temp sounds fine, but I'd germinate first.. The only thing I'm not sure about is autos do best with 18 hours of light which you won't be able to provide.. Hope it works for you though and you get some fire.. I'd be more afraid of someone flying over than walking through the door..

    If you just moved there though I would put a few bucks around the house and see if it disappears first.. Never know who just needs a place to stay.. If the money doesn't disappear after a week or so you're good to go.. Unless a copter does a fly by then they will see right in..
  8. Yeah no flyovers here, i checked for those, i live on a mountain. as for shelter, not many homeless people here. it would be hard for any one to get up here to sleep in a roofless home filled with vines. the wierd part is that there is grass growing from the concrete floor. So you can see no on has stepped inside of it.

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