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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Skott, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Hi I live in the north eastern united states so I experience 4 changing seasons. Winters coming soon, so I'm wondering whats the best way to grow a plant outdoors in my area. Also what plant would you recomend (what time of the year do I plant it)

  2. bump......Peace out........Sid
  3. Hey skott i live in new england too. NH actually. planted at the end of june at that wasnt really long enough. the last frost ends in what... may i think. i am gonna try to plant around may next year with clones.
  4. im also in NE, NJ to be precise. im just growin indoor for now and will probably have an outdoor grow this spring
  5. alright i'll try in may, any sites sell seeds legally to the US?
  6. yeah the city, they send via Canada.......look at the top of the page in the main forum window......Peace out.......Sid
  7. Not legally, you Just gotta hope know one gets onto you, only seeds allowed to come into the U.S. hafta be sterilized so they are only good for food, oils, etc...
  8. hey, im from nh too, near nashua, where are you from in nh?
  9. Here in NY, im gonna start my plants in jiffy pots and then stick them in the ground outside a month later. These jiffy pots decompose so there is no risk of shock to the plants.
  10. hey sup, first post. woo hoo! i live in new england too. id say the best strains for new england are ones that finish early. maybe a pure indica strain, and one that resists mold well too. it also depends what state your in, because growing in Connecticut is alot easier than growing in northern Maine. well thats my two cents. peace.
  11. i have a place to grow, but how often does it need to be watered and are there any special rules or techniques? When should i plant it?

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