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  1. I've made a few posts, but figured I should make an official introduction to the community. So here goes (be easy on me)..

    Name: Heehaw
    DOB: 1986 (closely approaching 23 years of age)
    Locale: North Carolina
    Education: B.S. Business Administration
    Work: Currently self-employed
    Hobbies: Design, Computers, Growing, Cooking, Learning
    Favorite Strains: Jack Herer, Northern Lights, White Gold
    Years Growing: Two
    Grow Style: R-DWC (hydro)
    Smoke Style: Bongs & Vaporizers

    So the names Heehaw. Technically its a nickname, if it wasn't too obvious. Like who the fuck would actually call their child Heehaw anyway- I mean really? The story behind the nickname is that it was given to me during my freshman year of college by my newly made friends (and they're still with me after four years). Even though my university is located in the South, it is comprised mostly of Northern students- my friends included. Of course, all northern people have their stereotypes of southern people: moving around so slowly, our "slang", weird shit we might eat, and the list goes on. So here I am the only southerner in my clique of friends and as you can assume, I must have let my roots shine thru. So, anytime I did some stupid southern thing that confirmed their stereotypical beliefs toward southerners, they would say "Oh, he's just heehawin' around" .. and there it stuck, Heehaw. It's pretty second nature to me now, and I would even come across people I've never met before and they would say, "Oh you're Heehaw!..."

    ... So, I've been growing about two years now. Been doing so ever since I was able to get out of the dorm rooms. Now that I'm out of school, and straight into a shit ass economy, I've moved back home with my parents to offset some of the debt I've accumulated from school. I'm obviously not going to grow under my parent's roof- not sure how I could hide it for one thing- but as soon as I can move back out I'll be back into the full swing of things. Then I can finally get up a nice grow journal for you guys to help out with :)

    Anyways, like I mentioned I'm from North Carolina (the Triad area to be more specific). Send my a PM if you're in the Triad and I'll be a little more specific of my location- I'd love to meet some cool people from GC since I'm sort of in a new area and don't really know anyone. Not to mention I have to drive back to my college for pickups (it's only an hour away so its no big deal).

    Well I think I'm going to take my nightly toke before hitting the sack- work in the morning! I look forward to chatting with some of you guys/gals and helping out where I can. Until then, may the ganja gods be with you :)
  2. Enjoy your stay :wave:
  3. nice intro dude.

    welcome to the city

    good luck on finding a place to grow

  4. Thanks for the love; much appreciated!

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