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  1. I live with some family and they're pretty nosy. I was going to grow in my closet but the thought no someone would find it, no doubt. So I thought of the garage. Nobody goes in there. Its been opened twice in a year. Once by me. I was going to buy a grow box like these Pc Grow Box- Stealth Pc Grow Case I was a little worried when it gets delivered to my house my nosy family members would open it. Should I build one? Also growing outside is not an option because I live in Pa and its going to start getting cold soon.
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    well. you're the only one that truly knows your family. if you lay down a couple hundred for this 'stealth' box, will that hide you going into your garage more than twice a year? you'll be going in there quite a bit to tend to your babies, so do you even want to grow with how nosy your fam is?
    and if you really do want to grow, I highly recommend building one. get some wood, make a frame. rib it. throw some panda plastic over it ad you're set dawg.
  3. No you shouldn't. You can't grow MJ in every situation, and yours is one where you shouldn't try. You will get caught, it's disrespectful, you put others at risk.

    Wait until you have your own, secure place to grow.
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    trust that.
  5. If you have to hide it, then just the worry makes it difficult. Its one thing to hide from friends and such but people you see every day will notice something is up fast.
  6. I would have to go with one of murphy's laws on this one. If something can go wrong, it probably will. You'd be amazed, even though noone has been in the garage for a year,\ as soon as you put a damn plant in there someone is gonna go in, notice your stealth grow box and wonder why it isnt covered in dust like everything else that has been sitting around for the past year. As the other poster said, I would wait until you have a secure area.

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