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    First time grower, and poster. I was a very successful herb distributor back in the States. Trimmed in Oregon a few times (where my brother lives), and have lots of friends in Colorado who are trying to make names for themselves (and styles) through cultivation. I moved to Chile a month ago and the herb is just god-awful, so my compatriot and I decided to grow our own medicine. (Plus the current market here has dictated prices at 20USD/gram all the way up, with absolutely no bias on herb quality)
    We've already erected an indoor veg area of 245cubic feet with dimensions 7ft L 7ft H 5ft W (will posibly use area to flower depending on extranneous factors). Room is lightproof of course. Our lighting system is 400MH (for veg) w/ a 400HPS to switch to at flowering, run by an adjustable ballast. Bulb is in a cooltube w/ a reflector hood attached. Cooltube has milar ducting and a low power extractor fan hooked to one end w/ hot air ventilation dispensed outside. Fresh cool-air intake is situated on the opposite lower corner of the room as the hot-air extraction. Fresh cool-air intake is being run by another low power extractor fan. Non-oscillating fan positioned in lower corner adjacent to cool-air intake.
    All the headshops here sell feminized seeds from various European banks. Because of this the practice of cloning is relatively unused/unheard of here. We got Pure AK from Femmeseed Bank, Silver Bubble Haze from DNA Reserva Privada, Trainwreck from Greenhouse Bank, Ripper Haze from Ripper Seed Bank, and Afghan Kush from World of Seeds Bank. Germinated all 19 seeds, and currently have 6 little sproutlings. All 3 Trainwrecks sprouted, 2 Silver Bubbles, and 1 AK so far...waiting and hoping on the rest (was slightly drunk when planting 5 of the germinated seeds which could count for them not working out).
    We are working w/ 15L burlap pots, so hopefully burlap is pourous enough for more oxygen flow in the dirt. I know from the experience and tips of the growers I know in Oregon that ITS ALL ABOUT THE SOIL. But my friend and I didn't have the resources or time to hunt down all the perfect ingredients for perfect soil. Instead we're doing what he's used to which would be nutrient additives. Our substrate soil is terrablue w/ a 15% perlite mix. So far we have a collection of BioBizz addtives. Algamix, Fishmix, and RootJuice.
    I'm just looking for general advice on how I could possibly maximize the yield of this grow without too much recompense from the bud quality. Since this is my first time setting up shop and relying on it as income AND a personal medicine stash, advice is my Providence. I obviously have no experience w/ these strains or their growth characteristics. I've looked at BioBizz nutrient schedule but I feel its more of a broadstroke than the possibility of more intimate knowledge behind it. 
    Room temps are ranging at 68-78F. Light is currently 3ft above sproutlings. Cycle is at 18on 6off. So as you can tell I'm not completely ignorant of optimum grow conditions. But there's so much I still AM ignorant of. And being the perfectionist I tend to be, I want as much perfection out of this I can get! I'm amazing at getting bud from the producer to the consumer...I'm also a pretty amazing consumer too haha. But I'd like to join the ranks of top-notch growers and let Chileans experience the amazing grade of flowers we get to smoke in the States! So if anyone's listening or trolling for somewhere to drop advice bombs...HERE.
    Here these pictures are a rough sketch of what's going on. The sprout pics are 2 days old
    IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0204.JPG   IMG_0206.JPG   IMG_0207.JPG

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    someone help this guy grow as much as he can, surely someone has some tips?
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  3. 1st time posting anything so bear with me here haha

    But Id say if you were looking to maximise your babies and use it as an income.. then you naturally need to a constant stream of mickey duff flowing from that room of yours...perhaps add a small side bit for vegging and see if you can time them to have money in your pocket month on month..just a thought...

    ive not grown any of your species before so cant comment there...I grow lemon haze from a mother everytime, as I know its characteristics and I know im gonna do okay on the advice would be try to find a strain that you get on with(ie good cashcrop, good smoke, and growing characteristics that suit you) and stick with it, get to know it almost...I learn new things about my babies every grow...

    Anyway hope this helps...just the first few things that came into my head, so I hope I dont sound like a condesending prick hahah...good luck my friend!

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