growing in a van

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by egore24uare7, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. is it possiable?

    I want i cant grow in the house ... (nosy neighbours..friends coming over .etc).
    Only lighting and heating (electricity) can I overcome that?
  2. Fairly bad idea.

    Man Walking Dog - "Hmm that trailer sure smells like 8 marijuana plants in full flowering." *calls cops*

    not to mention temp control and the fire hazard.

    Its possible but a bad idea.
  3. how much electricity is needed for 10 plantts? like in watts per hour or something and how much does a average car battery hold?
  4. i think its a gd idea....teh smell wont get thru the walls u idiot...any1 with suggestive ideas??
  5. Hmm, watch the language, we are alllllllll gooooood.
  6. I think it could work. It could also be highly risky. Is the van in a garage? I'm not sure about car battery power and everything though. I think you should rig up like 2 car batteries if possible.Ventilation will be harder to deal with , IMO due to MJ needing constant fresh air.
  7. no...outside on a semi-quiet road...
    ventilation==vents on roof
  8. well...

    You better tint the fuck out of all the windows, and flower them way before they get close to the ceiling. How much space do you have in there? I don't see how people passing by won't smell those babies, though.
  9. sounds like it seems like something worth researching.
  10. i think that's a lot more risky than in your house
  11. sounds like a dumb uneducated idea. Also some people need to watch who they call "idiots" because the smell of 8 plants would sure as hell go through a van door very easily.
  12. People have successfully grown an ounce in a hollowed-out computer in their college dorm rooms, with no one knowing the wiser. No light, no smell, complete stealth.

    That might be a better route for you, if you really feel like growing.

    But a VAN? Seriously? That's funny.

    If you try it, PLEASE post some pictures. :)
    ^ im talking something like this inside the doors are covered in metal/then wood. only concern is car battery. the reason i aint growing in the house is cuz my mum or cleaner may look inside my cupboards, when putting clean clothes in...or maybe just searching for something i might have .etc. or if friends come over they might smell it.
    i also have an idea..what if i get an automatic air freshner sprayer near ventilation and forgot the proper word...the holes between the doors and walls....
    so the smell coming out would be air freshner (lil bit of weed) wont be suspicious since they sell weed magic tree's (fake lol).
    would the air freshner ruin the plant?
    most of you in america think this is a isn't. It's a builder's van with no windows.
  14. The battery will not be strong enough to power the amount of lights you need to grow eight plants, have you ever left your head lights on? I would suggest running an extension cord into the van if you could.
  15. extension cord and having the van in a less than conspicuous area would be ideal. are you living in this van? maybe down by the river?
  16. im not living in this van.
    but i thought about using cordless lights(battery powered) or would it not be enough?
  17. i think with enuff corless lights it would work...and teh smell ownt get thru teh walls of a van...
  18. Ya smell would definatley become an issue. As for battery powered lights. man thats a LOt of batteries.
  19. If you want battery power i read some other thread about someone growing in a abandoned barn w/ no power. He needed about 20 high powered baterys. and then he needed another 20 charging at home then swap them. So i sugest geting a cord. Does your van have window shades?
  20. Its seems (I may be wrong) that egore when he started this thread he had a different meaning of van to many people here I'm assuming that by van he means like a box van such as a ford transit van or an Iveco daily with no windows but in the front,please google them if you are unsure of the sort of van he means this will also answer alot of questions before they need to answered. But hey i might be wrong just trying to help

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