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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by StickyxLover, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. This summer i was thinking of planting a couple of skunk seeds in my sump. its on my block, just a couple of houses away. my plan is to grow right outside of the side fence next to a rail of train tracks. Because there are a lot of trees there i think im going to have to grow it in a large flower pot and i think i could pull that off. the spot gets a good amount of sun and i will block the view of houses by puting a peice of wood in front of it. I will try to get pics sometime this week. i cant grow in my house because i still live with my parents and they are very uncool with it (dont ask/tell me how to convince them or w.e).Nobody goes near the sump execpt lawn mowers who come there about once a month but i wont have to worry about that because they wont be able to see it and nobody will steal it. does anybody think i can pull this off. ...........Please give me some tips.
  2. come on sombody help!
  3. uh is the sump used. thats fucking disgusting if you let that shit touch your buds...but the sumps im used to are fucking to tiny to grow in so idk.
  4. Will someone please enlighten me to as what a 'sump' is?

  5. Ok sorry about that. Well idk what the name sump comes from but to me and my friends a sump is like an open peice of land that is like owned by the town. its a place that is fenced off and is usally where sewer water runs through. but nobody yell at me and say that im going to kill my bud by growing it in there because its a very big area and im growin it very far from where the pipes are and where the sewer water runs threw.
  6. I'm on long island too man. Kids go into sumps to smoke all the time, so I wouldn't see any guarentee of your plants safety.
  7. Not this one i live in a neighboor hood with no kids just old ppl safty isnt an issue.
  8. Yea LIer here also.. most of the sumps around by me people avoid.. they are pretty fuckin gross.. I bet you'd be fine growing most of the people I know avoid it at all costs.. young, older, black, white, or purple...
  9. if you can guarentee that no one goes in, then I think you can do it. Best of luck man!

    Make sure the pot isn't too visible, but also that it get the full day's worth of direct sun, putting it behind trees just won't work as well. Check the outdoor grow section for nutes ferts cycles etc.
  10. Yea i covered the all visiblity with a small and unnoticeable block of wood. But i did check out the soil the other day and it looked like there was a lot of small roots and rocks. I then thought that maby i could grow it in a pot with prober nutrients like miracle grow (but i wont use miracle grow because i heard its very bad but you know what im talking about). And just put the pot in the spot that i was planing on planting it in. I think it would be safer to do this aswell. What do you think?

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