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  1. Hey so this actually isn't for marijuana, but in past experience people who grow weed actually, know more about growing plants then houseplant enthusiasts. If it's not allowed I understand, but I figured I'd try since I'm just concerned about setting up a place to grow plants.
    So that being said, this is actually for tropical houseplants (maybe also cacti an succulents), I want to start a small online store well I'm going school for business so I can start something up in person someday. I just don't have much indoor space for growing plants for my online business and I know greenhouses would be very expensive to heat (and even make).
    I live in mid-michigan so it gets pretty chilly and houseplants like it probably about as warm as marijuana from what I know. I was thinking of using a shed with grow lights, but I need to figure out how I could hold heat in and how I would heat it without it being too expensive. I haven't bought anything yet so if theres also suggestions on what material of shed I should go for (assuming this will work).

    thank you! :)
  2. Out of curiousity....what real kinda budget we talkin here??
  3. For initial setup I was going to try to keep it 1000-2000$, but that might be unrealstic since I'm not completely sure what I should be looking for right now. Nothing too expensive, but probably could be upgraded in the future when I have a bigger budget maybe?
  4. I would punt now!

    I grew in a very nice shed and I set it up pretty well.
    At the time I did not understand I needed to use a soilless growing medium so that bugs, specifically spider mites, would not take an interest. Boy did they!

    Now I know you do not usually eat or smoke cactus, as far as I know, but the presence of bugs is a deal killer. You will get them.

    Next comes heating. Michigan is cold. Just got back from South Haven, a beautiful little beach town. You would have to have a heating system, which is going to quickly get expensive. I used one of those milk crate heaters that operates on temperature. So you can set it up and it mostly works.

    The lights will heat things up once they turn on, but insulation and heating are necessary at night. Screw up once, lose your crop. Not going to touch humidity control. Yikes!

    This is why you have to grow a "high value" crop to overcome the barriers to entry.
    I also question weather you would need to go to the extents marijuana flower growers have to. Do you really need a lot of light? What about natural light? Marijuana is photo sensitive. Are your plants?

    If you have an attached garage that you could insulate, I would look at that. That is what I settled on and it is a first rate solution. The house heats it. It is totally customized for this, including epoxy floors (a must) and upgraded electrical system with plenty of bench space and great lighting and an insulated and completely sealed garage door. In for a penny, in for a pound. For sure!

    Going out and checking on your plants in the middle of a dead ass cold Winter night is a drag. I would try and figure out something inside.
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  5. Hey I'm in southern Ontario and have a similar climate to you. I built a shed to house my tropicals during the winter as well as grow a little MJ to pass the time during the cold months. I insulated and vapour barriered the shed and have a 400 watt HID light set up mostly for MJ that puts out good heat as well. I have a small space heater that is on a thermostat that runs at night to keep temps around 68° and my electric bill was increased by roughly $25-30/month over the coldest 3 months. I have a large windows on the south side and one on the east to help with light and heat during the day, in fact I found myself opening windows in mid January because it was too warm. Like the poster above said, spider mites were a bit of an issue but if you don't have plants that you will be eating or smoking then you can spray them as needed. I spent roughly $2000 building it and did all the work by myself but had the windows from a previous reno I did. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions. 20190115_144041.jpg 20190125_142458~2.jpg
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  6. Nice! That would have been my next logical step.
    I had to put in an air conditioner (best $225 I spent) and a 95 pint de-humidifier along with a heater. Marijuana transpired moisture at a rate you have to see to believe. And of course you have to carbon scrub the whole thing.

    I do have a question. When you flower pot in this setup, how do you control a 12/12 or 11/13 light cycle and still keep everyone in there happy?
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  7. Yes I forgot I do have a dehumidifier in there as well but no A/C because I grow outdoors during summer. I don't bother with carbon filters because we are legal in Canada. I ran a 18/6 veg cycle and a 12/12 flower and I think the 18/6 stressed the other plants the most but all survived and are doing great outdoors after a short recovery period. I have been debating putting a tent in the shed and running the the light at night to better control temps and stress on the other plants but still not 100% on what I'll do
  8. Ur issue would be cost of say electric and a expensive grow house! I have been thinking about that for when I move to Colorado. But shit I don't have one in Cali and the wind blows mad here.

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  9. Try to do some kinda sun roof on it! It's legal what ur growing so making it cheap is imperative for profits! Not weed like mark-ups

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