growing in a rented house

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  1. ive always considered growing and this idea was thrown by me, it sounds great but i know so much shit could go wrong, discuss!
  2. Rented House? Like an apartment? :smoking:
  3. most grower's out there rent homie...just keep your area and shit picked up(clean) do thing's to make it look nice..landscaping, mow the yard alot, paint etc..
    your landlord will like you and leave you alone when they see this...
    grow tent's are a new way to pack and go as best advice is to get one to fit your space, they are cheap these day's and made well..
    come with double water proof floor's..really perfect for a renter...
    go lower watt' 2-3000watt's in other word's...1500-2000 is the most you wanna go...keep the power bill down at least to a respectible level...
    you can alway's blame this kinda increase on dryer , washer, dishwasher, a/ name it...;)

    you can cut and drill wall's if need be for ventilation..pieces of cardboard and some putty/plaster/paint go a long way
    you can cover a hole in 5 min ...
    so f'k it do

    i recomend keeping the smell down to a min aka filter! and put your spot somewere away from major appliances(incase you need a repair guy/landlord to fix something) your personal bed room is a great spot, just make sure your water heater or anything else is not accessed through that room..

    cheer's good luck
  4. No sir, actually rentin a house :)

  5. VERY informative! this brings me to one of my questions. How will i determine what my power bill will be? its summer time so i think maybe i could get away with a high power bill also the whole landlord thing scares the shit out of me, can they just come in whenever they like after they rent the house to me? but i do see what you mean by cleaning up the outside alot, etc I was also thinking of possibly renting the house in someone else's name or something
  6. i wouldnt do that...never leave something to come up making you look like a devious persion or hiding thing is to be you..bottom line...
    you will have to find your power bill and find out how much they charge you per kilowatt hour..then do the math for how many watt's you wanna push and how many hour's...

    people just cant come into your space with notice in most states check your local rener's right's for your state...but most have to have a damn good reason or notice before entering..
  7. awesome, makes sense, Ill check out those renters rights, and also the tent seems to be the way to go, not very expensive at all. saves the hassle of preppiing a room too
  8. I would say the most important thing is to get a feel for how often people may stop by at the residence, and when they come pay attention to where they normally go.
    Im talking landlord, repair men etc...
  9. well im talking about doing this from a house standpoint, not an apartment ( thats asking for it lol). so technically the only people i SHOULD have to worry about stopping by a house that i rent is the landlord, unless im overlooking somethin
  10. the very most important thing you can do your rent on time or ahead of time by a few day's every month...don't give your landlord reason to come by...fix most repair's yourself even if it cost you a few $...
    this will just about eliminate people coming by..
  11. Know someone here in Northern Cali and he rents a house with all five upstairs room filled. Do it homie.
  12. I agree with custom. Go with a grow tent, and put it in the room that is least likely to be entered if the landlord shows up. I just ordered a tent from htg supply, and I plan on placing it in my bedroom. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to enter that room unless invited... Perfect for an un-stealthy stealth grow :D
  13. ive converted a room in my house which i rent into a grow room lol

    the landlord has to give upto 72 hours notice before inspection (can vary from place to place) and my grow is easily hidden. ive had my landlordn in my grow room and hes not noticed anything.

    i only use roughly 350ish watts which is nothing, ive not noticed an increase in my bill so im upgrading and getting another 250 hps and taking my grow to the next level (when i can afford it lol)

    repair men and meter readers are the worst, but easily gotten rid of lol just keep the place clean and tidy, make sure you get friendly with neighbours and portray yaself as a "friendly neighbourhood" guy whose chill an talks to people lol good way for gossip to ;)

    just make sure you can hide everything in an emergency and youll be good.
  14. Personally, I would never grow in a rented apartment/house.

    If you are going to go that route, I think to most important thing is to have a plan in place to quickly move/hide/breakdown your grow op. Have a plan in place before it needs to happen, because it will.
  15. Ditto, too risky. You need your own, secure place to grow. A rented property is owned by someone else, so your privacy rights are balanced against the owner's rights, which is to say that you do not have the same rights of privacy as you would in your own house.

    Landlords usually have to give 24 hours notice to enter, but two points on that: first, they don't need 24 hours notice for everything. In an "emergency", which usually is up to the landlord's sole discretion to determine, the landlord can enter without notice. An emergency can be anything that the landlord deems a reasonable threat to his property. In addition, you might have given advanced permission for entry without notice for maintenance sub-contractors: exterminator, HVAC, etc. The second point is that, even on 24 hours notice, what are you going to do with your grow op? Where will you put your plants, how will you move them out and back, and how will they survive the ordeal? Not an easy thing.

    Being a good tenant probably will keep the landlord away to some extent, but furnace filters need to be changed and smoke detector batteries have to be replaced and exterminators have to spray for bugs no matter how good of a tenant you are.
  16. I rent a house, and this is one of my concerns as well. Even though the landlord needs 24 hours notice to enter without permission, they can show up and ask to enter any time they please. "Oh, I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to take a look at that leaky faucet." And what if you actually need them to stop by, due to a problem. Your water heater breaks or something.

    So what I'm doing is making a cabinet that looks exactly like a cabinet from the outside. It's just a piece of furniture. My landlord is not going to start going through my freestanding wardrobe, why the hell would she? The electric plug is concealed behind the cab, so there's no indication from the outside that it's anything other than a (slightly ugly) wardrobe closet. If the landlord comes by, I can just turn off the light and fan, and it's totally fine. I'm considering setting it up on a remote control so I can cut the power with a button push.
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    actually from my experience it really does depend on were you live and who you rent from...

    commercial like apartment's and apt building's are bad about all of this...sooo true..
    but 90% of the time renting a house or place from a private owner leaves no worries...
    i never have had a single person come into my apart or rented house to change smoke alarm batteries, a/c or heater filter's, over 15 years...i have had exterminators spray for bugs before but they don't want in your bedroom as much as you don't want them a dog or cat or small exotic pet can solve that problem..they wont spray in that room if you tell them you have a critter in there and don't want them to...kinda simple to get by if you give it thought..
    statistic's do show that most people rent..not own...
    so, it's happening all over with little to no worries...
    plus most private owner's that are renting out a place get there income from you! why would they give you problem's if your paying there bill's??? that and the economy sux, making tiny repair's and smoke alarm stuff is not even getting done ...people cant afford to! lol
    it sux but it's true,
    they tend to mind there own buisness when the rent's on time as well...i see mine once every month, when i go give them money...that's it..they never come in to my home, yard...or anything..and there buisness is renting homes by the dozen's..
    small town living has it's advantages to...everybody knows everbody...
    last guy that came to fix the stove for me was an old friend i hadn't seen in 10 years...we lit a bowl, fixed the stove and caught up on old times...

    and i disagree totally with renting vs owning and growing loose way more owning a house than renting..

    why? cause you get busted while your renting they take you away..

    you get busted growin were you own a house...they take you, that house, your car, etc..:rolleyes:

    so tech there is way less "risk" to a person renting and growing then owning a home and doing it..

    how would you feel if you just lost your 150k home you bought 20 years ago just for growing a plant?
    if your renting there is nothing for them to take..
    you do your time, start over, actually very simple...proccess..

  18. well that's it, just put it away from the water heater we were saying earlier, how many appliances are in your private bed room??? :confused: ...see what i'm sayin..and the wardrobe is perfect in your bedroom! they are in no way shape or form ever , allowed to go through your shit or search the place, they must have a police officer and just cause..
    the officer must also have just cause to search you or your shit...

    they make so much stuff today to grow stealth and with no smell it is sick...
    and more and more is out next week
    most grower's here at!

  19. i rent and i have no problems lol being 20 years old and a student....... i cant afford a house haha
  20. great replies guys! great points brought up, I dont know if i mentioned this but i WONT be "living" there! this is solely for growing! which makes it a bit more of a hassle cause i'll need to bring in some furniture etc.

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