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  1. wats up yall,

    aight down to business so I moved back to my spot in South America and I'm planning on growing AK 47 and Purple White Widow. They are predominatly Sativa and sativas are supposed to love sunlight right? I mean I am in the tropics.

    I choose a site, on a mountain (so that the PWW can get its purple stripes), they have trails and shit and people hike sometime but my location is near a creek thats a four hour hike bothways, so I followed the stream that creates that creek as far as I could and am planning on growing on the side of the creek since I wont visit the actual site except for like once every few weeks but would they thrive without my assistance? if not how can I have em do so, but they say that the AK 47 is a strong strain and it should be able to "drink" from it or not?

    Oh and this mountain is a nature reserve and I got accepted as a wildlife ranger there, cuz I just love my nature but what happens if after my harvest I just leave the plants there, will they grow their fruit again? In a nature reserve, you can not hunt or take or damage any of plants that grow there so my grow has to look natural, no fences, pots etc.

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    I'd delete the part on your job lol. Sounds good just be safe. Yes if it has adequate moisture it can drink alone. You should prep your holes with some ferts and a good soil mix (coco is light and small to carry and gets big when wet on the site) or some compost, the native soil and perlite or lava rocks (important for air).
    If you cover the holes with mulch and do it cleably it could work. Are you sure no one else will walk down the river and check it out?

    When you prepare there should be a little stagnant water in the area you dug into (at bottom after digging). Don't plant if there's a big puddle and a lot of water at bottom of the hole. As it'll be wet there, add a mound at the bottom of the hole so the root ball is elevated. Use a draining and airy soil mix (coco/peat (acidic careful)/promix + compost, potting soil and castings or compost,potting soil, perlite and castings). Careful with peat moss, it's acidic You can use it but mix with dolomite lime and don't use a lot esp. if there's no time for the soil to settle.

    Good luck. Even if the creek is not frequented, I'd plant farther from it and still use it as water source to water yourself once every 2 weeks with water crystals for ex. If you found the spot easily maybe someone else can too. A swamp grow (= self watered) on an actual swamp (no one goes there) is more discrete in general than along a river. Farther from the creek is stealthier imo and easier (for drainage pbs) than right on the river bank. But if the river is remote and you get it right, your plan is def. doable.
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